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Thalgo Exfoliators

Our oceans are constantly being renewed through the water cycle, which includes the rain that replenishes the sea and the evaporation that returns vapor to the air. Similar to the ocean waters, your skin requires continual renewal to function properly in order to protect your body and to look its best. Exfoliation assists the cellular renewal process by removing old tissue and revealing new, healthy cells. Inspired by the waters of the ocean, the Thalgo Exfoliators collection is a lineup of high quality exfoliation products that offer unparalleled results and benefits for your complexion.

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Additional Thalgo Exfoliators Information

The products in the Thalgo Exfoliators collection contain nutrient-rich algae harvested from the sea as well as a variety of supportive marine and herbal extracts and oils. Together, the ingredients found in all Thalgo Exfoliators offer gentle exfoliation while moisturizing and firming your skin. Used regularly, the products in the Thalgo Exfoliators range play a vital role in helping you meet all of your skin care goals, including banishing fine lines and wrinkles, shrinking the pores, eliminating flaking and reducing the frequency and severity of breakouts and blemishes.

Give your skin's natural renewal process a boost with the Thalgo Exfoliators collection. The exfoliative products found in the collection use the purest seaweed found in ocean waters to gently remove dry, dull skin tissue from the outer surface of your complexion. Through their natural formulations, the exfoliators from Thalgo reveal a softer, younger-looking and more radiant complexion with every use.

The Thalgo Freshness Exfoliator contains tiny nylon beads, which create a gentle friction against your skin to slough off dead tissue. The perfect exfoliative solution for normal and combination skin types, the formula contains cooling menthol to prevent redness and irritation. Beeswax found in the exfoliator helps lock moisture into the tissue to battle dryness, while grapefruit extract provides protection against the free radicals found in the atmosphere that age the complexion.

With use just once per week, the Thalgo Softness Exfoliator eliminates thick, rough patches of skin that loom on the complexions of those with dry and sensitive skin types. The microbeads that give the formula its exfoliative action consist of jojoba oil, which moisturizes while removing dead tissue. In addition, the anti-inflammatory, gentle exfoliator contains date extract to heighten the softening effects of the product.

The ThalgoThalgomince Exfoliator uses silica and polyethylene beads for gentle exfoliation on skin that is suffering from swelling and inflammation. The blend of natural ingredients in the product penetrate the surface of the skin and travel into the lower tissue levels to boost circulation and drain excess fluid.

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