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Thalgo Firming and Cellulite

While the joys of being a woman are countless, no one would argue that dealing with cellulite is among them. Cellulite or orange peel skin is a natural state of tissue found in 90 percent of all women; however, the commonness and natural origins of cellulite don't make it any more appealing. Many women wish there was something they could do about cellulite, but worry about the side effects that are common with many of the procedures designed to banish orange peel skin. The truth is that you don't have to simply live with cellulite for fear of the risks of treatment; you can address the problem with the products in the Thalgo Firming and Cellulite line.

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Thalgo Firming and Cellulite Products

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Helps to firm the deeper layers of the skin.
6.76 oz | TH199
This highly active cream helps disperse pronounced cellulite, resulting in visibly smoother-looking skin.
6.76 oz | TH180
Fights and corrects the stubborn (grades 1 and 2) cellulite-generating process at its source.
6.76 oz | TH197
Refine, firm and smooth your body skin with this exceptional cream.
6.76 oz | TH163
An intense body firming and toning cream.
NOW $54.60 REG $78.00
6.76 oz | TH086
No Longer Available
Helps to firm the deeper layers of skin on the stomach and waist.
5.07 oz | TH198
A refreshing spray that soothes tired legs and helps to rid of cellulite.
5.07 oz | TH043

Additional Thalgo Firming and Cellulite Information

Since the Thalgo Firming and Cellulite collection contains natural ingredients, it does not pose the same threat of side effects as invasive or chemical treatments. The products in the Thalgo Firming and Cellulite range are extremely effective and safe to apply all over. With regular use, the Thalgo Firming and Cellulite lineup tones and firms the skin for a more even, smooth texture.

Fight back against orange peek skin with the Thalgo Firming and Cellulite range. This lineup of effective products uses natural ingredients to restructure and tone the skin on the arms, chest, stomach, hips, thighs, buttocks and wherever else cellulite lingers. Due to the ingredients used to produce their results, the firming and cellulite products from Thalgo are a safe alternative to invasive procedures like liposuction.

The Thalgo Thalgomince Cream LC24 not only battles existing cellulite, but also strengthens common trouble areas to prevent sagging and that dreaded orange peel texture before it starts. An ideal product for those currently working toward weight loss goals, the cream breaks down fatty deposits under the skin, allowing them to be metabolized by your body.

The Thalgo Cellu-Thighs Lipo Reducing, Reshaping is especially formulated to work on your thighs, one of the areas most commonly plagued by orange peel tissue. The cellulite gel is a spot treatment that penetrates deeply into your skin to reach the adipose tissue underneath its surface. The highly effective formulation found in the product can tackle even the hard, fatty deposits that other cellulite creams on the market cannot treat.

The Thalgo Slim and Sculpt Slimming and Firming Cream is an all-over lotion that firms the skin in all of your trouble zones. The formulation makes an immediate difference in the firmness of your skin and continues working after the initial application to strengthen the outer layer of the tissue and boost the production of collagen.

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