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Thalgo Hand Creams

As we age, our skin goes through a variety of changes, not just on our faces, but also on our hands. The natural decrease in the production of collagen reduces skin elasticity, making it susceptible to wrinkling. Moisture levels also naturally decrease over the years, which can have you suddenly facing raw, red and irritated hands for the first time ever. In addition, the cumulative effects of years of sun exposure can lead to the appearance of age spots and exacerbate the problem of wrinkling on the hands. The products in the Thalgo Hand Creams collection are designed to renew and refresh the skin of your hands to give them a more youthful appearance.

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Thalgo Hand Creams Products

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This hand cream protects skin against external elements while providing intensive hydration.
2.5 oz | TH004
No Longer Available

Additional Thalgo Hand Creams Information

Through formulations enriched by nutrients obtained from the sea, the products in the Thalgo Hand Creams range soften dry tissue and soothe inflammation in skin of all ages. For those with mature skin, the items in the Thalgo Hand Creams lineup offer additional toning, firming and strengthening benefits. The safe formulas in the Thalgo Hand Cream collection are ideal for reapplication as frequently as needed.

Whether you're dealing with the fine lines, wrinkles and age spots common in aging skin or dryness, chapping and cracking that can plague you at any age, the products in the Thalgo Hand Creams collection were designed to give you a hand with your skin care woes. Each of the hand creams made by Thalgo offer a dose of skin-nourishing vitamins and minerals sourced from the sea and enhanced with blends of natural extracts and oils. The products in the range help turn back the hands of time for younger-looking skin and heal, soothe and soften irritated tissue, making them the perfect hand cream choice for everyone.

The moment you feel the velvety, luxurious texture of Thalgo Youthful Hand Cream you'll know that its formulation is unique among all other hand creams on the market. Its thick, rich formula is imparted with nourishing algae extract that forms an invisible barrier to protect your skin tissue even after you've massaged the cream deeply into the parched tissue on your hands. This barrier helps seal in vital moisture, while limiting the effects of the harmful particles in the air that cause your skin to age.

Peach tree extract found in the Thalgo Youthful Hand Cream helps reduce the appearance of age spots and other splotches of discoloration without the need for any abrasive skin bleaches. The shea butter oil included in the formula provides the ultimate in moisturizing effects as you massage the cream into your hands and enjoy its lemon-lime fragrance.

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