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Thibiant Beverly Hills Exfoliators

The secret of a fresh, fine complexion is a healthy turn-over of skin cells. As the cells on the skin's surface grow older, they begin to turn harder, dry out and eventually die; it is then time for them to naturally detach from the skin and flake off. This allows the new, fresh skin cells below to come to the surface, providing a constantly renewed complexion.

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Thibiant Beverly Hills Exfoliators Products

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This scrub is infused with a cascade of exotic natural oils to restore dehydrated skin to velvety softness.
8oz | HF022
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Additional Thibiant Beverly Hills Exfoliators Information

The Thibiant Beverly Hills exfoliators are formulated to gently scrub off the older skin cells. This results in exposing the new healthy skin underneath and promotes the process of cell turnover throughout the tissues. This exfoliation process helps to allow the skin surface to more quickly correct signs of sun damage. The signs of damage may include discoloration and dryness, as well as fine lines and wrinkles. Exfoliation is also ideal for addressing blemishes caused by acne and contact dermatitis. Drawing upon their nearly 40 years of experience in the field of skin care and beauty (both in a spa setting and by producing their line of at-home skin care products), the Thibiant Beverly Hills exfoliators help to promote a more balanced, natural and beautiful complexion.

A natural process of skin growth and replacement keeps the complexion healthy, fresh and supple. When the skin needs help with this process, the Thibiant Beverly Hills exfoliators can assist in restoring the natural balance and bring back the beautiful complexion you want to achieve. The average lifespan of a skin cell, from the time it is formed deep in the dermis layer of skin tissue until it is finally shed from the surface, averages 28 days. In that time, the cell matures as it rises through the layers of skin, until it is finally exposed on the surface. Normally, when the cell has lived its useful life, it is gently shed and detaches itself from the skin, in a process known as keratinization. When the cell does not naturally detach, or when it becomes mixed with the natural skin oil, plus deposited dirt and makeup residue, it can cause the complexion to begin to look dull and flaky. If the pores become packed with this material, in which bacteria can grow, the result can be acne breakouts.

The goal of Thibiant Beverly Hills exfoliators is to balance and perfect the skin, helping to gently detach old skin cells and remove the residue they help form. Unpacking the mixture of dead skin cells, along with oils and deposited materials from the skin pores, helps to expose the new skin cells below. More than a cleanser, an exfoliator promotes skin cell turnover, which helps the complexion to naturally replace old cells and reduce the visible flaws and blemishes.

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