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Too Faced Lip Plumpers

Women will do just about anything to have the perfect pout, from injecting fillers like collagen directly into their lips to undergoing plastic surgery. Unfortunately, none of these medical procedures is without risks, and often their results are temporary, unsatisfactory or even unnatural looking. Lip plumpers solve the problem of thin lips through cosmetics, and a high quality lip plumper that is free of harmful chemicals has none of the risks or side effects associated with non-cosmetic remedies. The Too Faced Lip Plumpers collection represents some of the very best safe cosmetic lip plumpers on the market today.

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Too Faced Lip Plumpers Products

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Want a permanent plump?
0.2 oz | TF009
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Fantasizing about fuller, plumper lips? Dream no more - just get injected!
0.14 oz | TF001
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Additional Too Faced Lip Plumpers Information

The Too Faced Lip Plumpers line stimulates the lip tissue to enhance its thickness without irritating. The products in the Too Faced Lip Plumpers collection awaken the tissue in the lip area, making it become fuller and easier to apply lipstick, lip liner or lip gloss. With an invigorating tingle, the products in the Too Faced Lip Plumpers range give you the sexy lips that you have always dreamed of having, and because the are made by Too Faced, their safety is assured.

Apply one of the products in the Too Faced Lip Plumpers line and watch your lips be transformed from thin to gorgeous. Free of harmful ingredients, the lip plumpers rely on the latest in cosmetic science and traditional natural remedies to produce their dramatic effects.

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme offers a long term solution to thin lip woes. This powerful serum is designed to not only to instantly enhance the look of the lip area, but also to continue to work upon the tissue in the lip area hours after application. When used daily in the morning and night, the lip serum can permanently plump your lips. The secret to its effectiveness lies in vitamin E and MaxiLipand dehydrated marine sponge, which stimulate collagen production in the lip area. Jojoba oil and avocado in the formula provide a dose of moisture, keeping the lip area soft and supple during its transformation.

Make Too Faced Lip Injection the first step in your lip care and cosmetics regimen to give yourself the perfect pucker every morning or evening. Powered by vitamin B to promote plumping blood flow to the lips, the clear treatment enhances the fullness of the lip area by up to 20 percent. Just brush on the invigorating formula, let stand for five minutes and wipe off completely to enjoy four full hours of supple, full lips. The lip plumper wipes off fully with each use, so even your most matte lipstick will look perfect after the treatment.

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