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Topix Cleansers reviews

Not too long ago, you headed to the local store to stock up on beauty and skin care products, perhaps asking a sales associate questions or even sampling the products before you buy. Now, with the explosion of online shopping, you can choose the skin care products you need from the comfort of your home, and they will appear on your doorstep days later. While the convenience of online shopping is unmatched, shopping has lost that personal touch. However, online shopping doesn’t have to be so impersonal. You can connect with other shoppers on the Topix Cleansers Reviews Page.

Serving as a forum for current and potential Topix customers to share their experiences, Topix Cleansers Reviews give you the opportunity to research the product before you buy. Imagine that these reviews replace the question-and-answer session with the sales associate. Now, you can tap into a network of customers who provide honest, descriptive reviews about their experience with these products. Reading Topix Cleansers Reviews allows you to evaluate the products before you buy them. As a well-informed consumer, you’ll make a smart choice when it comes to your daily cleanser.

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luvyourskin Southern, CA
minimalist Age Group: Under 25Gender: FSkin Type: combination
Pros: gentle, smooth texture Cons: heavy
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Nice Cleanser -2/27/2010 12:08:00 PM After a bad skin experience, my skin finally got back to normal and I was ready to try a "normal" skin cleanser. This is really nice, but it is also a bit heavy and hard to wash completely off. My skin felt like it still had a bit of it on after washing it off. Also, it is very slippery so if you use it with a Clarisonic (like I do) it might go everywhere and you have to apply and spread it quickly. I also had to start using it only at night and not two times a day because it's fairly "heavy" feeling. However, overall, it does help your skin look brighter and stay clear. I loved it because it didn't break me out at all and it really has some great ingredients!
reliaslo CA
experimenter Age Group: 35-44Gender: FSkin Type: combination
Pros: doesn't dry out skin
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Great Value -2/24/2009 2:05:02 PM A little of this product goes along way. It leaves the skin clean without being tight. Rinses well. I am very happy with this product after using MD Forte III for years. This product is a great change. And it is a great price!
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Fantastic cleanser -7/30/2008 12:24:02 AM this product is just great! Cleans well, smell nice and works fantastic, Highly recommended.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
My favorite! -11/15/2007 5:35:09 AM I tried this cleanser after seeing a recommendation for my skintype in Dr. Baumann's book "The Skintype Solution." I have dry skin, with freckles and pigmentation from past pimples and am 20 years old and am still prone to the occasional pimple. This cleanser was soft so it did not dry me out. As an experiment only, i washed my face with this and did not moisturizer. This is the only cleanser I have ever used that allowed me to do that without that tight feeling!!! amazing! It removes my makeup decently with enough rinsing, keeps my skin clean and smooth, doesn't dry me out and best of all, it doesn't cause zits. I will continue to purchase this as long as they carry it!
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Great -9/8/2007 5:14:54 AM It leaves my skin super smooth and refreshed. Better than the drugstore sal. acid cleansers and i love the fact that it has a high glycolic acid level and salicyc acid too. On par with md forte when you need to take a break from the 20% and 30% concentrations.
S Walker
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Highly recommended for people with sensitive skin -8/30/2007 9:05:53 PM I have extremely sensitive skin and this product works great. It gets my skin really clean without overdrying. I highly recommend it!
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Amazing! -8/19/2007 12:34:55 PM I use this cleanser twice a day - first thing in morning and once at night. I then follow with the 5-2 pad only at night and I have not broken out since. This stuff is awesome!
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Great cleanser!! -6/30/2007 12:29:12 PM I just started using this a couple weeks ago and it is wonderful. It's very concentrated so a little goes a long way. I have oil/acne prone skin and this works great with my acne med's. Worth every penny!
Kimberly Reese
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Works great -6/29/2007 9:20:57 AM Really reduced the oilness of my skin, but will "bleach" the color off towels. Suggest using towel/washcloth for the product that you don't use elsewhere.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
very nice -12/28/2006 1:34:01 PM There isn't a lather, so I didn't like using it on my body. I love it on my face though. The wash is creamy and my skin did not get tight and dry after using it. Knowing the cleanser is full of antioxidants also gives me a mental boost.
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Additional Topix Reviews Information

Current Topix customers are the ones who help the Topix Cleansers Reviews Page thrive. Without your insight, other customers cannot benefit from this helpful resource. So, take some time to write about your experience with Topix Cleansers. The information you include in your review is up to you. There’s no word count you need to meet, so you can write as succinct or detailed a review as you please.

Before you write Topix Cleansers Reviews, think back to the information you wanted when you were shopping for cleansers. Most potential customers want to know about results, so include detailed information in your review about how Topix Cleansers changed your skin. Did the product live up to expectations? Did you notice clearer, healthier skin? Did you experience any unexpected effects, and if so, what were they? Would you use the product again or recommend it to readers? Answering these questions—and more—helps you create useful Topix Cleansers Reviews.

In addition to providing your review, you can rate Topix Cleansers from one to five stars in three areas: overall rating, price/value, and ease of use. You can also list a few pros and cons of the product using adjectives and short, descriptive phrases. By providing some demographic information about yourself, including your age group, gender, and skin type, you give your readers some insight into the person behind the review. Create thorough, detailed Topix Cleansers Reviews by including this information about the product. Your effort will help potential customers decide whether these products are suitable for their skin care needs and lifestyle.

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