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Creating a comprehensive beauty care regimen filled with quality products is so much easier when you select your formulas from the same brand, primarily because many of them have been designed to perform well together. Choosing beauty care items from the comprehensive array of available Topix Products delivers high performing concoctions filled with skin-rejuvenating ingredients that help to restore your dermal vitality. From the Replenix line that transforms tired looking skin to a more youthful appearance to the Glycolix line that has been designed to exfoliate and refine the skin for a smoother, more even look, the full set of Topix Products delivers restorative solutions designed to refresh the natural beauty of your skin easily and proficiently.

No matter what type of skincare you currently need, one of the existing Topix Products should be able to satisfy it. Please look through the following collection for a beauty product that meets your needs.

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  TP003 Topix Replenix Cream CF $69.75  1oz In Stock
  TP004 Topix Replenix Serum CF $69.75  1oz In Stock
  TP005 Topix Replenix Fortified Exfoliation Scrub $46.00  12 10gm Packetts In Stock
  TP006 Topix Replenix Fortified Cleanser $25.50  6.7oz In Stock
  TP014 Topix Citrix CRS 10% L-Ascorbic Acid Serum $103.00  1oz In Stock
  TP015 Topix Citrix CRS 15% L-Ascorbic Acid Serum $111.00  1oz In Stock
  TP016 Topix Citrix CRS 20% Serum with Growth Factor $120.00  1oz In Stock
  TP017 Topix Citrix Antioxidant Pads $22.00  30 pads In Stock
  TP018 Topix Citrix Antioxidant Pads $35.75  60 pads In Stock
  TP021 Topix Citrix Antioxidant Eye Cream $33.00  0.5oz In Stock
  TP023 Topix Citrix Antioxidant SunScreen SPF 40 $30.00  3.5oz In Stock
  TP024 Topix Solvere Acne Clearing Kit $60.00  In Stock
  TP025 Topix Replenix All Trans Retinol Smoothing Serum 2X $58.80  1oz In Stock
  TP026 Topix Replenix All Trans Retinol Smoothing Serum 3X $67.20  1oz In Stock
  TP027 Topix Replenix All Trans Retinol Smoothing Serum 5X $73.50  1oz In Stock
  TP028 Topix Replenix Intensive Eye Lightening Serum $75.00  0.5oz In Stock
  TP029 Topix Replenix All Trans Retinol Smoothing Serum 10x $84.00  1oz In Stock
  TP030 Topix Replenix Purifying Antioxidant Foaming Cleanser $24.20  6.7oz In Stock
  TP031 Topix Resurfix Ultra Gentle Cleanser $14.50  8oz In Stock
  TP032 Topix Glycolix Elite Sunscreen SPF 30 $30.00  1.6 oz In Stock
  TP033 Topix Gly Sal 5-2 Pads $17.00  60 pads In Stock
  TP034 Topix Gly Sal 10-2 Pads $20.00  60 pads In Stock
  TP035 Topix Gly Sal 5- 2 Cleanser $18.50  6.7oz In Stock
  TP036 Topix Gly Sal 10-2 Cleanser $21.00  6.7oz In Stock
  TP037 Topix Replenix Fortified Exfoliation Scrub $42.00  4oz In Stock
  TP039 Topix Replenix AE Facial Firming Therapy $110.00  1oz In Stock
  TP040 Topix Replenix AE Dermal Restructuring Therapy $110.00  1oz In Stock
  TP041 Topix Solvere Acne Clearing Toner Pads $17.00  60 Pads In Stock
  TP042 Topix Replenix Green Tea Antioxidant Moisturizing Lotion $38.00  6oz In Stock
  TP044 Topix Glycolix Elite Treatment Pads 10% $24.50  60ct In Stock
  TP045 Topix Glycolix Elite Treatment Pads 15% $27.00  60ct In Stock
  TP046 Topix Glycolix Elite Treatment Pads 20% $29.50  60ct In Stock
  TP047 Topix Glycolix Elite Facial Cream 10% $26.00  1.6oz In Stock
  TP048 Topix Glycolix Elite Facial Cream 15% $30.00  1.6oz In Stock
  TP049 Topix Glycolix Elite Facial Cream 20% $34.00  1.6oz In Stock
  TP050 Topix Glycolix Elite 10% Moisturizing Cleanser $24.00  6.7oz In Stock
  TP051 Topix Glycolix Elite Facial Toner $22.00  6.7oz In Stock
  TP052 Topix Glycolix Elite 15% Body Lotion $27.00  6.7oz In Stock
  TP054 Topix Oil Free Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 30 $16.50  4oz In Stock
  TP058 Topix SRS Pro-Ceramide Barrier Repair $77.00  1.7oz In Stock
  TP059 Topix SRS Cell Repair Therapy $90.00  1.7oz In Stock
  TP060 Topix Replenix All Trans Retinol Eye Repair Cream $75.00  0.5oz In Stock
  TP061 Topix Replenix Power of Three Cream $70.00  1oz In Stock
  TP062 Topix Replenix Power of Three Serum $70.00  1oz In Stock
  TP063 Topix Replenix Gentle Antioxidant Soothing Cleanser $29.00  6.7oz In Stock
  TP064 Topix Replenix Sheer Physical Sunscreen Cream SPF 50 $29.00  2oz In Stock
  TP065 Topix Replenix Clarifying Brightening Polish $36.00  6.7oz In Stock
  TP066 Topix Replenix Restorative Nighttime Bio-Therapy $66.00  2oz In Stock
  TP067 Topix Citrix Vitamin C Pro-Collagen Brightening Serum $95.00  1oz In Stock
  TP068 Topix Citrix Vitamin C 10 Percent Cream $66.40  1.75oz In Stock
  TP069 Topix Citrix Vitamin C 15 Percent Cream $89.00  1.75oz In Stock
  TP070 Topix Citrix Vitamin C 20 Percent Cream $96.60  1.75oz In Stock
  TPPK01 Topix Replenix AE Therapy Duo $176.00  In Stock
  TPPK02 Topix Gly Sal 10-2 Complexion Acne Duo $38.95  In Stock
  TPPK03 Topix Replenix All-Trans Retinol Anti-Aging Duo $151.00  In Stock

Additional Topix Products Information

For high performance and exceptional results that recreate your skin with fresher looking beauty, you should consider using one or more of the available line of Topix Products starting as soon as possible.

Offering a light, fresh scent, Topix Glycolix Elite Facial Toner gently removes impurities and oils from the skin’s surface, leaving it feeling crisp and clean. Containing comfrey and chamomile, this toning product soothes the skin while refreshing it through its infusion of witch hazel and glycolic acid. This toning solution, which contains Co-Q10, green tea extract, and vitamins A, C, and E, is suitable for all types of skin.

If you are searching for a convenient way to gently deliver effective exfoliation and moisturizing capability to your skin, then you might be interested in trying the mild solution contained in Topix Glycolix Elite Treatment Pads 10%. It delivers exceptional skin toning through its inclusion of witch hazel and prepares the skin for additional beauty products. Containing liposomal vitamins, Co-Q10 and green tea extract, these treatment pads assist in the removal of the dead cells that dull natural, supple beauty of your skin.

Sloughing off spent skin cells is an important part of revealing younger looking skin, making Topix Replenix Fortified Exfoliation Scrub an essential part of any good beauty care routine. Infused with green and white tea, its clay base produces heat that offers a soothing wave of cleansing capability, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Impurities and oil residue are removed along with dead skin cells, delivering a healthier looking complexion. Perfect for use in the shower, this exfoliating scrub is gentle and effective.

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