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Topix Sets and Kits

The Topix brand of skin care includes a multitude of different products that perform different roles and provide different benefits. Topix Sets and Kits combine different products that work well together in order to amplify the results. For best results, it is always recommended that clients commit to a full regimen of products that work well together in order to maximize benefits and minimize irritation or other problems associated with combining products that were not developed to be used together. Topix Sets and Kits ensure safety and effectiveness by packaging different products together. The products that are combined in Topix Sets and Kits work together in order to deliver powerful and beneficial ingredients that perform their best when applied in conjunction.

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Topix Sets and Kits Products

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Delivers targeted and intense anti-aging benefits.
$176.00 $220.00 value
This duo helps improve the appearance and condition of oily, acneic skin.
$38.95 $41.00 value
Duo features Green Tea Polyphenols that help protect skin cells from damage and premature aging.
$151.00 $159.00 value

Additional Topix Sets and Kits Information

There are many active ingredients that are proven most effective when combined. The Topix Sets and Kits line was developed following research that has shown how different products can benefit one another. Topix Sets and Kits help take the guess work out of skin care by packaging different products that work best when used together. This makes for an easy, convenient way to treat the skin on a daily basis. Topix Sets and Kits can help minimize time and make any beauty routine fuss free.

Perfect skin doesn’t always come naturally, and everyday products don’t always reveal your best-looking complexion. Topix Sets and Kits give your skin a boost, allowing you to uncover a healthy, radiant glow. Add Topix Sets and Kits to your beauty care routine. These products do more than cleanse and moisturize like your everyday products. They use gentle but effective ingredients to generate firmer, brighter, and younger-looking skin. Fight those irksome signs of aging on your face with Topix Sets and Kits. Your skin will thank you.

Create healthier, younger-looking skin with Topix Replenix AE Therapy Duo. This two-product kit includes Topix Replenix AE Facial Firming Therapy, a serum that includes three peptides that work together to relax muscles, stimulate collagen synthesis, and strengthen your skin. Pair that with Topix Replenix AE Dermal Restructuring Therapy, to encourage rebuilding of your skin from beneath. At the same time, this cream protects your new, refreshed skin from stress and damage. Together, these products combat visible signs of aging on your face.

Using Topix Replenix AE Facial Firming Therapy and Topix Replenix AE Dermal Restructuring Therapy results in many benefits. Wrinkles and fine lines will be less apparent, and your skin will be firmer, better toned, and tightened. You’ll enjoy better moisturized skin that is nourished, calmed, and protected. Topix Replenix AE Facial Firming Therapy also quenches damaging free radicals and helps your skin appear rich with collagen. Regular use of this set will result in brighter, more radiant skin that knocks years off of your age.

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