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Topix Toners/Clarifiers

Cleansers from Topix were developed to remove all traces of makeup, dirt, debris and excess oil on the skin. But even after a thorough cleansing, some people feel the need to tone. Topix Toners/Clarifiers are meant to be used following cleansing to serve different purposes. Some of the products in the Topix Toners/Clarifiers line were developed to remove any traces of impurities or excess sebum that may have been left behind after cleansing. These products freshen the skin and help prepare it for moisturizers and the active ingredients in treatment products.

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Topix Toners/Clarifiers Products

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Delivers skin toning and astringent benefits.
60 ct | TP034
Specially formulated for oily and acne-prone skin.
60 ct | TP033
Reduces blemishes and blackheads while it soothes.
60 ct | TP041

Additional Topix Toners/Clarifiers Information

Other products in the Topix Toners/Clarifiers tone the skin while also bathing the complexion in antioxidants which provide reparative and protective benefits.

There are also acne solutions from Topix Toners/Clarifiers that help with the fight against breakouts and blemishes. Treatment pads from Topix Toners/Clarifiers provide powerful combinations of both salicylic and glycolic acids to exfoliate dead skin cells that build up on the skin’s surface while also purging the pores of clogging oil and debris which can lead to blemishes.

Topix Toners/Clarifiers should only be used after the skin has been thoroughly cleansed with one of the high quality cleansers available from Topix. Topix Toners/Clarifiers can be used daily and are part of a healthy skin regimen for a better complexion.

It often takes more than a daily cleanser to eliminate excess oil and acne-caused breakouts. Turn to Topix Toners/Clarifiers to cleanse your skin and leave it looking its best. Eliminate oil and daily buildup and reduce blemishes and breakouts by incorporating one of the Topix Toner/Clarifier into your beauty care routine.

Combat oily and acne-prone skin with Topix Gly Sal 10-2 Pads. These highly effective pads feature 10% glycolic acid and 2% salicylic acid, along with witch hazel, which tones and soothes the skin. Enjoy clearer, better toned skin with regular use. The 60-count pads are convenient to use on the go. Simply apply a pad to the affected area once a day. Dryness can occur, so work up to two to three times a day, reducing applications if you notice extremely dry skin.

Topix Gly Sal 5-2 Pads feature 5% glycolic acid with the effective keratolytic ingredient along with 2% salicylic acid, a known acne fighter. Use these pads to treat your oily or acne-prone skin. The pads’ witch hazel has an astringent effect, toning your skin. Topix Gly Sal 5-2 Pads are convenient to use, so work them into your daily regimen to combat excess oil and acne breakouts. Enjoy toned, clearer skin as a result.

Exfoliate your skin while eliminating blemishes with Topix Solvere Acne Clearing Toner Pads. These pads feature glycolic acid along with 2% salicylic acid to leave your skin looking its best. Topix Solvere Acne Clearing Toner Pads exfoliate by removing dull dead skin cells to reveal healthy, fresh skin. They also reduce skin irritation and inflammation in acne-prone skin. Use these pads daily, and enjoy clearer, healthier skin.

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