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Vichy Idealia

What's standing between you and your ideal complexion? Perhaps you look in the mirror and see under-eye puffiness and dark circles staring back at you. Maybe your skin has lost its radiance and looks dull no matter what makeup you apply. Your pores may have begun to gape, or you may be seeing more fine lines around your mouth or eyes. Whatever imperfections are making it hard for you to look and feel your best every day, the Vichy Idealia collection can help you to address them.

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Vichy Idealia Products

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Advanced treatment helps mimic skin's key repair activity during the deep sleep period.
1.7 oz | VH081
Refines skin texture, reduces the appearance of pores and illuminates the complexion.
1oz | VH076
Reduces the appearance of dark circles, smoothes fine lines.
0.5oz | VH075
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Refines skin texture, reduces the appearance of pores and illuminates for a more youthful look.
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Additional Vichy Idealia Information

The Vichy Idealia skin care collection is a range of topical treatments formulated specifically to address the visible signs of skin aging and distress. Using the latest dermatological research, the scientists and skin care experts at Vichy Laboratories have formulated the Vichy Idealia to target a wide variety of skin imperfections, so that women everywhere can safely and effectively diminish signs of aging. With regular use, these skin care treatments can help you promote a more youthful complexion and bring your image of ideal skin to life. Explore the Vichy Idealia collection now.

There is no escaping the aging process. Over the years, changes in the rate of collagen production lead to reductions in skin elasticity that allow lines to develop and cause the pores to increase in size. Environmental factors compound the problem, leaving skin damaged by ultraviolet exposure and free radicals. The effects of aging and environmental damage are obvious, appearing as fine lines, oversized pores, dullness, under-eye puffiness, dark circles and irregularities in skin tone. What isn't as obvious is just how to fight back against aging to improve the appearance of the complexion. The Vichy Idealia collection was created as a solution to this problem and offers those concerned about signs of aging products for tackling their biggest dermatological concerns.

In the Vichy Idealia line, you'll find products developed to help women reveal their ideal complexions by reducing the prominence of skin imperfections. The product range consists of treatments that are designed to be used in conjunction with a healthy skin care routine that consists of a cleanser, a toner and a moisturizer. When used along with a regimen, the Vichy Idealia treatments target imperfection, gradually making them less visible with the help of innovative ingredients that have been rigorously tested to ensure their effectiveness.

The Vichy Idealia is formulated with the needs of all skin types in mind. The fragrance-free formulas have been evaluated by dermatologists and shown to be safe for sensitive skin, so that even the most delicate of complexions can benefit from these effective treatments.

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