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Vichy Neovadiol

During and after menopause, women experience a range of issues with their skin. Hormone fluctuations and changes can play a vital role in the health and quality of the skin. Vichy Neovadiol is a specialty line that addresses skin issues related to hormonal changes. While skin aging can actually start as early as the late teens, the process is accelerated during and after menopause. The skin becomes thinner and drier and loses its elasticity at an alarming rate. Rather than suffering from the effects of hormonal changes, give your skin a fighting chance by incorporating Vichy Neovadiol into your daily personal care routine.

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Vichy Neovadiol Products

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Anti-aging day cream for loss of density, dull and uneven tone, sagging skin and dryness.
1.7 oz | VH091
A nighttime anti-aging cream that effectively treats dryness, sagging and loss of density in the skin.
1.7 oz | VH092
This treatment visibly smoothes creases, plumps and tightens skin around the eyes and lips.
0.5oz | VH070
This night cream diminishes the 3 types of wrinkles: permanent, reversible and programmed.
1.7 oz | VH043
No Longer Available
The perfect treatment for menopausal and post-menopausal skin.
1.7 oz | VH045
No Longer Available

Additional Vichy Neovadiol Information

Vichy Neovadiol contains high quality active ingredients which smooth fine lines and wrinkles while increasing skin firmness and elasticity. The formulas are very soothing and hydrating to restore essential moisture, plumping up the skin tissues and encouraging a more supple tone and texture. Don’t wait for your skin problems to get worse. After a certain age, it becomes more difficult to fight the signs of maturity. Begin a program with Vichy Neovadiol in order to see real results and maintain those results as the years pass.

Vichy Neovadiol was designed for more advanced signs of aging like deep wrinkles and age spots. This is a line of anti-aging skin care that addresses all signs of aging on various areas of the face.

Vichy Neovadiol GF Night aggressively attacks wrinkles, filling in deep crevices to leave a smoother surface. This cream is very rich in hyaluronic acid that retains high levels of moisture and rehydrates thirsty skin. The treatment should be used at night while the skin restores itself during the sleeping hours. Skin is left firmer and smoother by morning.

Vichy Neovadiol Contours is highly effective around the areas that show expression lines the most, the eyes and the mouth. Vichy Neovadiol Contours actually reshapes the facial contours with Pro-Xylane, firming the skin and leaving it more youthful looking. It can be used safely around the delicate eye area as well as around the lips.

As women age, they experience life changes that wreak havoc on the skin and pose a whole set of new challenges. Vichy Neovadiol GF Skin for Dry Skin was designed specifically for skin suffering from the effects of decreased levels of estrogen. As women pass menopause, the skin becomes thinner and less resilient. Vichy Neovadiol GF Skin for Dry Skin contains a dose of Pro-Xylane which helps to strengthen and thicken the skin, improving moisture levels and softening fine lines and wrinkles. Proteic GF is an additional ingredient which helps to stimulate skin cells. The formula is exceptionally hydrating to restore moisture to dry skin.

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