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Our good old skin puts up with a lot of abuse over the years. To be sure, the natural impacts of aging explain much of the folds, crow’s feet, blotches, and other physical realities of advancing years. But a host of other factors contribute. The myriad stresses and anxieties we face all too often do take their toll; certainly inadequate sleep or tortured insomnia don’t help, either. There’s also all of the environmental exposure the epidermis contends with, from years of damaged sun rays to endless battering by dirt, grime, and pollution. Affronted with these multivariate factors, it’s no surprise our skin—an organ constantly in flux, after all—starts showing real evidence of damage, wear, and tear. Vivida Products can help restore some of our skin’s natural radiance and glow by tackling the issues from the inside.

The Vivida Anti-Aging Skin Nutrition Tablets are the expression of Vivida’s Scandinavian skin-healing approach. A number of key ingredients compose the anti-aging arsenal. Among them are energy-rich marine proteins, a robust antioxidant called asazanthin, natural silica, and a host of vitamins. Silica provides structural support to the skin, while other components impart essential antioxidants and nutrients. The Vivida Anti-Aging Skin Nutrition Tablets help thicken the skin to diminish the formation of wrinkles, lines, and creases; they also promote the production of elastin and collagen to improve firmness and elasticity.

The tablets also confer hydrating benefits that allow your skin to better lock in and retain moisture, ensuring a healthier, fuller look to your complexion.

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