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There was once a time when nobody could do anything about thinning hair and hair loss aside from wearing a wig. Times have certainly changed and now there are real options for people experiencing hair loss and thinning. Certain chemical topical products aren’t for everyone as they can irritate delicate skin and actually add to the problem. Viviscal offers you a way to grow healthier hair by nourishing your body from the inside out while supplementing the nutritional efforts with a complementing line of hair care.

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These tablets supply vital nutrients needed to nourish thinning hair and promote existing hair growth.
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Viviscal Customer Reviews

Counselor California
Age Group: 55+Gender: FHair Color: blondeHair Type: limp/fine/thin
Pros: good for nails
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Doesn't do what it claims - 8/20/2014 1:33:27 PM I have been using Viviscal now for over 2 years, and I've yet to see any difference in the condition of my hair. This is a high end product, in my estimation, and since I have been religious in adhering to the instructions, since my hair has been thinning & I've had hair loss since menopause, I really was looking for this product to work. Sadly, for the reasons mentioned, it did nothing. However, I continued to purchase the product because it did wonders for my thin and splitting fingernails. So if you're looking for something to help with thin & splitting nails, I say "Go ahead ". However, if you're looking for something for hair loss, then save your money and try another brand because this just doesn't do it.
Age Group: 35-44Gender: FHair Color: blondeHair Type: chemically treated
Pros: daily use
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Viviscal - 7/22/2012 5:39:42 AM This product does work but it has to be taken twice a day to get the full benefit. I noticed that the hair in the shower drain had stopped accumulating after taking it for one month, but as soon as I stopped it for about a week my hair started to fall out again. I also use the "professional strength" which you have to get at a doctors office or medspa.

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Learn More About Viviscal

Contrary to popular belief, it is not just older men who suffer from hair loss. Many women experience the problem as well as younger men. There are many different reasons for hair loss. While men typically experience the horse shoe type of balding, women typically experience overall thinning that often results from hormonal changes. Viviscal supplements can be used by both men and women, offering a natural, safe and effective way to deal with hair loss.

Viviscal has been thoroughly tested for both safety and effectiveness. The supplements have been shown to be highly effective at reducing hair loss and encouraging thicker looking hair.

Many men and women experience hair thinning and loss: while classically associated with older males, it's a process that occurs across both age and gender boundaries for a wide variety of reasons—genetic, hormonal, physiological, and emotional. Viviscal is devoted to finding ways to help combat this stressful change, both by promoting healthy growth and bolstering the thickness of hair strands. The brand offers products focused on those aims, from special shampoos to supplements.

Humans naturally lose some 50 to 100 strands of hair a day. Such shedding is part of the natural growth cycle. That cycle can be broken down into three stages: the anagen phase, with active growth; the transitional catagen phase; and the telogen phase, when hair growth fully ceases. As the cycle starts up again, old hairs can be shoved out and dropped. Certain issues with hair thinning—from stress to thyroid disease—can stem from the telogen phase initiating too early, or an issue with the replacement of lost hairs in the anagen phase.

Viviscal supplements include the proprietary ingredient AminoMar, a marine complex that helps nurture and stimulate hair during its active growing anagen phase. Other ingredients include Vitamin C, iron, and botanical extracts.

The company Lifes2good owns Viviscal, its flagship. Lifes2good has been around since 1997 and now offers nutraceutical products in many countries around the globe.

If you're noticing a bit of thinning going on up top, Viviscal may be an option to strengthen your mop and stave off excess shedding. Check out the products available and read through the customer reviews right here at

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