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Enjoy the refreshing fragrance of Votivo Products by adding this line of candles and diffusers to your home. Featuring masterfully blended fragrances, Votivo Products entice the senses. Choose from an array of fragrances, from crisp white linens to citrus-inspired scents to rich red currant or Tuscan olive. Votivo Products are as aesthetically appealing as they are fragrant. Candles and reed diffusers come in attractive glass jars that feature the Votivo seal. Alternatively, you can take your refreshing Votivo scent with you by choosing a candle that comes in a convenient travel tin with a lid.

Votivo Products are natural, and the line’s candles feature a soy blend. Each candle is hand poured and can burn for up to 60 hours. Whether you choose a candle or a reed diffuser, you can enjoy a range of enticing fragrances that make your home a more welcoming place. Invest in a few different scents for different seasons—your family will thank you.

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  VO001 Votivo Aromatic Candle Red Currant $30.00  6.8 oz In Stock
  VO002 Votivo Aromatic Candle Clean Crisp White $30.00  6.8 oz In Stock
  VO004 Votivo Aromatic Candle Island Grapefruit $30.00  6.8 oz In Stock
  VO005 Votivo Aromatic Candle Tuscan Olive $30.00  6.8 oz In Stock
  VO006 Votivo Aromatic Candle Mandarine $30.00  6.8 oz No Longer Available
  VO007 Votivo Travel Tin Candle Red Currant $12.50  3 oz In Stock
  VO008 Votivo Travel Tin Candle Clean Crisp White $12.50  3oz In Stock
  VO009 Votivo Travel Tin Candle Glorioso $12.50  3oz In Stock
  VO010 Votivo Travel Tin Candle Island Grapefruit $12.50  3oz In Stock
  VO011 Votivo Travel Tin Candle Tuscan Olive $12.50  3oz In Stock
  VO012 Votivo Travel Tin Candle Mandarine $12.50  3oz No Longer Available
  VO013 Votivo Reed Diffuser Red Currant $45.00  7.3 oz Out of Stock
  VO014 Votivo Reed Diffuser Clean Crisp White $45.00  7.3 oz In Stock
  VO016 Votivo Reed Diffuser Island Grapefruit $45.00  7.3 oz In Stock
  VO017 Votivo Reed Diffuser Tuscan Olive $45.00  7.3 oz In Stock
  VO018 Votivo Reed Diffuser Tuscan Mandarine $45.00  7.3 oz No Longer Available
  VO024 Votivo Fragrance Mist Red Currant $18.00  4 oz In Stock
  VO025 Votivo Fragrance Mist Clean Crisp White $18.00  4 oz In Stock
  VO026 Votivo Fragrance Mist Gloriso $18.00  4 oz No Longer Available
  VO027 Votivo Fragrance Mist Island Grapefruit $18.00  4 oz In Stock
  VO028 Votivo Fragrance Mist Mandrine $18.00  4 oz No Longer Available
  VO030 Votivo Fragrance Mist Deep Clover $18.00  4 oz In Stock
  VO031 Votivo Aromatic Candle Morning Mist $30.00  6.8oz In Stock
  VO032 Votivo Aromatic Candle Rush of Rose $30.00  6.8oz In Stock
  VO033 Votivo Aromatic Candle Deep Clover $30.00  6.8oz In Stock
  VO036 Votivo Travel Tin Candle Deep Clover $12.50  3oz In Stock
  VO037 Votivo Travel Tin Candle Rush of Rose $12.50  3oz In Stock
  VO039 Votivo Reed Diffuser Morning Violet $45.00  7.3oz In Stock
  VO040 Votivo Reed Diffuser Rush of Rose $45.00  7.3oz In Stock
  VO041 Votivo Reed Diffuser Deep Clover $45.00  7.3oz In Stock
  VO043 Votivo Aromatic Candle - Pink Mimosa $30.00  6.8oz In Stock
  VO044 Votivo Travel Tin Candle - Pink Mimosa $12.50  4oz In Stock
  VO045 Votivo Reed Diffuser - Pink Mimosa $45.00  7.3oz In Stock
  VO046 Votivo Fragrance Mist - Pink Mimosa $18.00  4oz In Stock
  VO047 Votivo Aromatic Candle - Honeysuckle $30.00  6.8oz In Stock
  VO048 Votivo Travel Tin Candle - Honeysuckle $12.50  4oz In Stock
  VO049 Votivo Reed Diffuser - Honeysuckle $45.00  7.3oz In Stock
  VO050 Votivo Fragrance Mist - Honeysuckle $18.00  4oz In Stock
  VO051 Votivo Aromatic Candle - Moroccan Fig $30.00  6.8oz In Stock
  VO052 Votivo Travel Tin Candle - Moroccan Fig $12.50  4oz In Stock
  VO053 Votivo Reed Diffuser - Moroccan Fig $45.00  7.3oz In Stock
  VO054 Votivo Fragrance Mist - Moroccan Fig $18.00  4oz In Stock
  VO055 Votivo Aromatic Candle - White Ocean Sands $30.00  6.8oz In Stock
  VO056 Votivo Travel Tin Candle - White Ocean Sands $12.50  4oz In Stock
  VO057 Votivo Reed Diffuser - White Ocean Sands $45.00  7.3oz In Stock
  VO058 Votivo Fragrance Mist - White Ocean Sands $18.00  4oz In Stock
  VO059 Votivo SOZIETY Candle - Beautiful Blue $40.00  9oz In Stock
  VO060 Votivo SOZIETY Trapezoid Tin Candle - Beautiful Blue $24.00  7oz In Stock
  VO061 Votivo SOZIETY Reed Diffuser - Beautiful Blue $44.00  8oz In Stock
  VO062 Votivo SOZIETY Candle - Gorgeous Grey $40.00  9oz In Stock
  VO063 Votivo SOZIETY Trapezoid Tin Candle - Gorgeous Grey $24.00  7oz In Stock
  VO064 Votivo SOZIETY Reed Diffuser - Gorgeous Grey $44.00  8oz In Stock
  VO065 Votivo SOZIETY Candle - Gracious Green $40.00  9oz In Stock
  VO066 Votivo SOZIETY Trapezoid Tin Candle - Gracious Green $24.00  7oz In Stock
  VO067 Votivo SOZIETY Reed Diffuser - Gracious Green $44.00  8oz In Stock
  VO068 Votivo SOZIETY Candle - Posh Purple $40.00  9oz In Stock
  VO069 Votivo SOZIETY Trapezoid Tin Candle - Posh Purple $24.00  7oz In Stock
  VO070 Votivo SOZIETY Reed Diffuser - Posh Purple $44.00  8oz No Longer Available
  VO071 Votivo SOZIETY Candle - Pucker Up Pink $40.00  9oz In Stock
  VO072 Votivo SOZIETY Trapezoid Tin Candle - Pucker Up Pink $24.00  7oz In Stock
  VO073 Votivo SOZIETY Reed Diffuser - Pucker Up Pink $44.00  8oz In Stock
  VO074 Votivo SOZIETY Candle - Remarkable Red $40.00  9oz In Stock
  VO075 Votivo SOZIETY Trapezoid Tin Candle - Remarkable Red $24.00  7oz In Stock
  VO076 Votivo SOZIETY Reed Diffuser - Remarkable Red $44.00  8oz In Stock
  VO077 Votivo SOZIETY Candle - Wonderful White $40.00  9oz No Longer Available
  VO078 Votivo SOZIETY Trapezoid Tin Candle - Wonderful White $24.00  7oz In Stock
  VO079 Votivo SOZIETY Reed Diffuser - Wonderful White $44.00  8oz In Stock
  VO080 Votivo SOZIETY Candle - Outrageous Orange $40.00  9oz In Stock
  VO081 Votivo SOZIETY Trapezoid Tin Candle - Outrageous Orange $24.00  7oz In Stock
  VO082 Votivo SOZIETY Reed Diffuser - Outrageous Orange $44.00  8oz In Stock

Additional Votivo Products Information

Fill your home with refreshing, memorable scents with Votivo Products. Featuring candles and diffusers in a range of scents, Votivo Products blend in well with your home décor in their attractive packaging. Whether you want to add an inviting scent to your own home or give a thoughtful, sure-to-be-appreciated gift, Votivo has the products that you need. Find a candle or diffuser in a scent that you love.

Votivo Aromatic Candle Red Currant features the aroma of red currants with sweet vanilla and raspberry. Enjoy this aromatic, hand-poured, soy-blend candle, which comes in a glass jar with the Votivo seal. The candle burns for 50 to 60 hours.

Enjoy the refreshing fragrance of Votivo Aromatic Candle Clean Crisp White, an aromatic soy-blend candle. This clean fresh scent will remind you of just-out-of-the-dryer linens.

Votivo Aromatic Candle Glorioso features a green citrus scent with touches of wild violets, muguent, and amber, leaving your home smelling fresh. You can burn this aromatic, hand-poured candle for up to 60 hours.

Bring the refreshing scent of citrus to your home with Votivo Aromatic Candle Island Grapefruit. As its name implies, this aromatic, soy-blend candle emits a juicy grapefruit fragrance. Enjoy this refreshing aroma for 50 to 60 hours.

Votivo Aromatic Candle Tuscan Olive gives off the aroma of fresh-pressed olive oil with touches of sweet basil and oregano blossom. This candle comes in a glass jar with the hand-pressed Votivo seal, and you can enjoy its fragrance for up to 60 hours.

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