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Whish Women's Shave

As everyone knows, shaving can be a delicate business. Some skin types are easily irritated by the process, or so prone to drying that the condition is exacerbated with razor and cream. Some products do little to soothe reddened, inflamed, or flaky skin, nor much to address the bumps and re-growing hairs that can follow in the wake of shaving. But the Whish Women's Shave line provides a host of treatments that make shaving more comfortable, more effective, and more rejuvenating than ever before.

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Whish Women's Shave Products

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A unique shaving cream enriched with vitamin K to reduce the appearance of spider veins.
5 oz | WH086

Additional Whish Women's Shave Information

Whether you need a fragrantly scented aftershave, a solution to post-shaving redness and bumps, a protective shaving lotion for sensitive skin, or a brush for lathering up the perfect cream, Whish Women's Shave products are there for you. Made with the same care and focus on natural botanicals as other Whish skin-care offerings, these items will become an essential and cherished part of your routine. Along with providing excellent service, many of the gels and lotions come in a variety of fragrances—featuring the special restorative powers of pomegranate, almond, and other botanical oils—so your shaving procedure will be a lusciously aromatic one.

Don't settle for irritating, messy, or ineffective shaving products. Embrace the Whish approach to nourishing, protecting, and massaging your skin during this delicate process.

With Whish Flawless Bump Fighter, you've got a fine-tuned, gentle treatment for shaving bumps and ingrown hairs, perfect for smoothing out your skin and even weakening follicles to prevent future growth. Clinical tests have shown that, in addition to reducing and preventing ingrown hairs, this easy-to-use gel helps diminish irritation, inflammation, and redness associated with shaving, as well as enhancing the general appearance of skin. Hypoallergenic and alcohol-free, Whish Flawless Bump Fighter has a crisp, cucumber-like aroma you'll love. And unlike other bump-fighting products involving pads, cotton balls, and liquids, our gel is applied in the ideal amount with an airless pump; simply massage it in with your fingertips to the target area.

The Whish Shave Savour Hair Inhibiting Gel comes in a variety of fragrances, but all of them showcase the same soothing, healing, and restorative aftershave formula. Quick to dry and non-greasy, this gel attends to the little scrapes and nicks inevitable with shaving with aloe, sage leaf, lemon extract, and other natural antiseptics. Other botanicals improve softness and suppleness. Meanwhile, these aftershaves help slow the re-growth of hairs. Choose your favorite aromatic botanical oil. Whish Pomegranate Shave Savour Hair Inhibiting Gel has the sweet, fruity scent of juicy pomegranates. Whish Almond Shave Savour Hair Inhibiting Gel offers the warm and nutty aroma of almond oil. The Whish Lemongrass Shave Savour Hair Inhibiting Gel has a crisp and clean scent that will leave your skin feeling refreshed.

Take your shaving to the next level with Whish shaving creams. Whish Almond Shave Crave Shaving Cream Pump is very hydrating and gives you a more comfortable shave with long lasting moisture. The Whish Pomegranate Shave Crave Shaving Cream Pump will bathe your skin in the fruity aroma of pomegranate. For those who love the scent of lavender from the country side, there is Whish Lavender Shave Crave Shaving Cream Pump. Finally, for a crisp and clean scent, you can choose the Whish Lemongrass Shave Crave Shaving Cream Pump. All these blend nourishing botanical oils with glycerin soap for a protective, salving, and thoroughly moisturizing lather perfect for even the driest, rawest skin.

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