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An effective, but gentle, skin care program involves a series of small steps to achieve clean, smooth and clear skin. The formulas of Yonka Toners/Clarifiers Products allow you to gain the balanced, fresh skin you want without resorting to harsh methods or ingredients. Even after cleansing, the task of preparing the skin for moisturizing usually isn’t complete. The skin needs to have its natural pH level restored, which for human skin is a slightly acidic pH 5.5. This level is why the protective layer of natural sebum oils on the skin is called the “acid mantle.” It protects the skin from daily assaults in order to keep your skin – your entire body, in fact – healthier.

Yonka Toners/Clarifiers help restore the pH level to its proper place, as well as finishing the cleansing process by removing the last of the stubborn particles, such as make-up residue, from your skin. At the same time, toners help firm the pores and begin the process of moisturization. The natural botanical extracts in Yonka Toners/Clarifiers work as a bridge between cleansing and moisturizing, providing an important step in skin care.

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Many women go directly from cleansing to moisturizing, not realizing the importance of rebalancing the skin’s pH and toning the face as an intermediate stage. It is important not to skip the toning and clarifying step in a skin care regimen. The process that Yonka Toners/Clarifiers Products initiates allows your skin to make the transition from the first cleansing to moisturizing, preparing the skin to be able to fully utilize the care being bestowed. Restore the pH balance, finish the cleansing process and prepare for the important restoration of hydration with this important step.

Different skin types require distinct active agents to help them become balanced and toned. The formula of Yonka Lotion PS Toner provides a carefully balanced selection of botanical extracts and oils selected just for dry or sensitive skin. Alcohol in any form is entirely absent, since it can irritate already thirsty skin. Instead, a suite of oils includes lavender, geranium flower, rosemary leaf, cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) and thyme to gently tone and purify the skin. In addition to preparing the skin for additional stages of care, the mist provides a true phyto-aromatic sensation to rebalance your inner tone, as well as that of your skin.

Normal to oily skin requires a different balance of botanical oils and ingredients, provided in Yonka Lotion PG Toner. Even so, alcohol is still avoided because of its drying effects. Instead, the formula relies on natural botanicals to provide both the toning and purifying actions that skin requires, but to refresh the spirit as well.

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