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Yonka Treatments

No beauty care routine is complete without the inclusion of one or more skin treatment products. As people age, the skin begins to show signs of wear and tear. Expression lines begin to set in. Wrinkles and creases start to appear. The skin sags as necessary moisture is not replenished. Fortunately, Yonka Treatments have been formulated with all of this in mind. Combating the unpleasant effects of the aging process on the skin, Yonka Treatments deliver skin rejuvenation with clearly proven remedies blended with the finest ingredients.

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Yonka Treatments Products

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A moisturizing cream that fights off the premature signs of aging.
1.7 oz | YK097
An anti-aging treatment that combats loss of elasticity and deep wrinkles.
1.67 oz | YK099
A fast-absorbing cream that promotes skin firmness and a smooth appearance.
1.4 oz | YK031
A solution recommended for hyperpigmentation or discolorations.
1.4 oz | YK044
Stimulate cell turnover, smooth wrinkles and soften your complexion with this treatment.
1.7 oz | YK025
Recommended for dry or sensitive skin, this treatment gently renews, hydrates and revitalizes.
1.7 oz | YK024
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A comforting cream that enhances circulation, reduces redness and minimizes irritations.
1.4 oz | YK042
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An anti-wrinkle treatment that also helps to boost elastin synthesis.
1.62 oz | YK100
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Additional Yonka Treatments Information

Yonka Treatments rely on a wide array of natural botanicals to create skin-friendly products that avoid unnecessary harsh chemicals while still producing excellent results. Adding skin treatments into your beauty care routine strengthens your skin, firming and moisturizing it to renewed health.

Incorporating Yonka Treatments into your skin care regimen gives you the opportunity to provide your skin with a renewed ability to maintain its natural beauty, softness, and a firm condition. Once you discover the many benefits of using a product designed to improve the skin’s appearance, you’ll wonder what you ever did before.

Offering the strength and effectiveness of clinically-proven treatments, Yonka Treatments deliver exceptional results that minimize changes to your skin’s condition due to aging.

Perfect for improving the appearance of your skin around the eyes and lips, Yonka Alpha Contour prevents and/or minimizes the appearance of the wrinkles and fine lines that make you appear older than you are. Formulated with natural extracts, proteins, and oils, this skin-softening treatment firms and moisturizes the skin as its ingredients invigorate circulation and new cell growth. This pleasantly scented gel absorbs quickly into your skin, providing immediate protection against expression lines on the forehead, as well as those that can appear near the lips and eyes.

Reaching deep into your layers of skin, Yonka Phyto 52 stimulates new growth while shaping the neck and facial contours as it firms and tones the skin. Infused with a medley of natural botanicals known for their moisturizing, soothing, and healing qualities, this high performing treatment invigorates all skin types with a new sense of vitality. Using Geranium Oil for a variety of reasons including its antiseptic, astringent, and aromatic capabilities, this scented formula refines pores, eliminates creases, and enlivens a youthful countenance.

A multi-faceted treatment, Yonka for Men Age Defense repairs skin damage and helps to prevent it from reoccurring. As an anti-aging skin treatment that moisturizes with an ultra-softening capability, it softens fine lines incredibly well. Not only does this skin-friendly concoction minimize existing damage due to age, environmental factors, and dehydration, but it also provides excellent protection against future damage.

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