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Z. Bigatti Lip Products

If your lip care regimen begins and ends with lip balm, you are robbing yourself the opportunity for truly soft, luscious, kissable lips. Ordinary lip balms simply apply a barrier to the outermost layer of the lips and impart just a slight amount of moisture into the lower tissue. Unfortunately, the outer surface of the lips is already dead skin cells, making the effectiveness of these formulas minimal at best. To truly care for the lip area, you need a product that can penetrate the outermost layers of skin and nourish the tissue hidden beneath it. The Z. Bigatti Lip Products collection features advanced skin care technology to deliver nutrients and moisture into these vital, lower tissues.

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Z. Bigatti Lip Products Products

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Hydrates, reduces furrows and enhances lip volume and contour.
0.3 oz | ZB036

Additional Z. Bigatti Lip Products Information

For its Z. Bigatti Lip Products collection, Z. Bigatti uses oglionutrients. These tiny, nourishing molecules in the items included in the Z. Bigatti Lip Products range can enter the hidden lip tissue more easily than traditional ingredients. With each application of the items in the Z. Bigatti Lip Products line, your lips will become more hydrated and smooth, while chapping and cracking heal.

Through their breakthrough oglionutrients, the products in the Z. Bigatti Lip Products collection replenish lost moisture and heal irritation and chapping in the lip area. The products feature a blend of natural ingredients, which are safe for delicate lip tissues without sacrificing their effectiveness. Not just for healing and moisturizing, the lip products made by Z. Bigatti can also diminish signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles.

The moment you feel the silky texture of Z. Bigatti Lips at Large, you will discover what thousands of other women and leading beauty experts already know: this is no ordinary lip balm! Packed with a host of natural ingredients, like soothing beeswax and castor seed oil, this nourishing lip product not only moistens and softens, but also plumps and fills out the lip tissue. Peppermint oil enhances Lips at Large to reduce inflammation and discomfort associated with chapping and dehydration. The lip balm provides a smooth finish as a base for lipstick as well.

Z. Bigatti Re-Storation Lip Pout resurfaces the delicate lip area to eliminate furrows and creases that occur due to dryness and aging. Its rich shea butter base penetrates deeply into lip tissue to replace moisture lost to arid climates and dry, winter air. The lip balm also contains an anti-aging complex full of antioxidants to protect your lips from the damaging effects of free radicals in the atmosphere. Producing immediate results upon application, Re-Storation Lip Pout is a must-have beauty secret for quick fixes.

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