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Curl Enhancers

While some people who are born with curly or wavy hair spend their lives fighting it, straightening it or suppressing its natural bounce and body, others embrace their springy locks and make the most of them. 

When you want to enhance your curls choose an experienced stylist to give you a cut that allows your natural curl to spring forward. The weight of thick, heavy hair may pull the natural curl out the longer it gets. Look for a style that incorporates long or short layers to give your hair natural body. Layers will also help you control curls that tend to have a mind of their own. Regular trims can reduce the split ends that can make your curls look frazzled and frizzy.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Select a gentle shampoo and a top-notch moisturizer to use on your hair. There are shampoos and conditioners made specifically for curly and wavy hair, catering to the specific needs of this hair type. Curly hair often tends to be dry and can benefit from additional moisture gained from the right products. Avoid overly-heavy moisturizers that can weigh your hair down and suppress your curls. Towel-dry your hair after shampooing and conditioning by blotting and squeezing out the moisture rather than rubbing it. Rubbing your hair can disturb the cuticle and result in a fuzzy look. Excessive friction along with forceful tugging and pulling can also weaken and damage the hair shaft and follicle. If you are suffering from dry hair, give your locks a break from shampooing by skipping a day or two. Dry shampoos can help absorb excess oil and impurities, keeping your hair looking fresh and clean in between washes. You can then use a small amount of a curl enhancing product to res-style your hair without the need for water. Avoid pulling and tugging at unwanted knots.


Choose a product such as a spray-on curl enhancer to use after each shampoo. Spritz it through your locks from root to tip. If your hair tends to tangle easily, use a leave-in conditioner that allows you to comb your wet hair easily. Opt for a product that is specifically made for curly hair. Avoid pulling and tugging at unwanted knots. Scrunch your hair with your hands afterward to encourage natural curl. Choose a serum, cream, gel or mousse as an alternative styling product if you prefer. Curl enhancing products are designed to smooth and tame frizz while putting a spring and bounce in curly hair. Use these products sparingly; however, as too much can weigh down the hair and actually make it look limp and droopy. You will need to experiment in order to determine what works best for your hair.


If you've ever used a hairdryer on your curly hair, you know that it can result in a frizzy style that's far from what you're going for. Instead of using a hairdryer, purchase a diffuser that emits a gentle flow of air that won't blow the curl out of your hair. Many standard dryers also come with a diffuser attachment for versatility. Opt for a dryer with tourmaline technology that will minimize damage and drying time while sealing the cuticle and eliminating frizz. Alternatively, allow your hair to air dry for the maximum effect and in order to prevent damage from heat styling.

Whether you have tight curls and prefer a kinky style or long flowing locks with a slight wave, treating your curly hair properly can give you a look that's all your own. With proper care and styling, your curly hair can be your best asset.