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The CoffeeBerry
CoffeeBerry is perhaps the most exciting addition to the skin care industry in recent years and is on par to become a veritable craze. Few people have heard of CoffeeBerry but it may very well be a household word in the near future as it offers a revolutionary ability to restore youth and vitality.

CoffeeBerry is a natural ingredient that most people are completely unaware of. It is actually the fruit of the coffee bush that envelopes the bean. Traditionally during coffee bean harvests, the fruit was simply discarded and considered waste. However, recently scientists have discovered an amazing treasure that lies within the flesh of the cherry red berry.

In a society where anti-aging remedies are in high demand, CoffeeBerry has become increasingly sought after due to its exceptional antioxidant properties. The fruit is believed to be among the most powerful naturally occurring antioxidants in the world, much stronger than pomegranate or even green tea. Antioxidants can prevent cell destruction and aging and even reverse the effects of environmental damage. You can't get these benefits by drinking coffee as the coffee bean is much lower in antioxidants than the flesh of the surrounding fruit. Furthermore, the roasting process destroys many of the antioxidants found in the coffee bean.

Consumers seeking the health benefits of CoffeeBerry have been able to find the ingredient in the form of dietary and nutritional supplements. It is only now that the newly discovered antioxidant has made its way to the skin care industry. When applied topically to the skin, CoffeeBerry has been shown to restore moisture and elasticity, making the skin softer and more supple. It can also soften fine lines and wrinkles as well as minimizing skin discolorations. CoffeeBerry is even believed to reverse the effects of sun damage, commonly referred to as photoaging in the cosmeceutical industry.

Currently there is only one company offering topical anti-aging products containing CoffeeBerry. Stiefel Laboratories has just launched REVALESKIN, a skin care system which includes a cleanser, day cream and night cream all containing the potent antioxidant ingredient. The day cream offers superior protection from environmental damage with SPF 15 sunscreen. Antioxidants like CoffeeBerry actually boost the effectiveness of sunscreens for added protection against the sun's harmful rays.

Now there are two reasons to love your coffee. Who would have guessed that the same plant that gives you morning energy could also give you great looking skin?

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