3 Easy to Follow New Year’s Resolutions!

1. Drink more water!
It doesn’t need to be said but here’s an easy tip. Swap at least 1 cup of the morning coffee for a glass of ice water. Not only will it wake you up but it jump starts your metabolism, helps flush toxins & curbs morning hunger pangs.
2. Get more sleep…no really.
The correct amount of sleep will do wonders for your skin (no more dark circles!), your metabolism and your spirit! So put down that iPad and hit the pillow earlier than later.
3. Eat more fruits and veggies.
Your mother was right! If you’re not keen on the green stuff, keep a small bag of carrots to nosh on at your desk or if you’re super adventurous, throw a cup of kale disguised in a banana shake. It can make a world of difference! Proper nutrition not only helps your metabolism, but your skin and brain function as well. The skin is our biggest organ and it needs to be cared for.
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