Acne Attack? Light Therapy to the Rescue!

Zapping zits with bacteria fighting light rays may seem like science fiction, but it’s now a reality. The age of technology is upon us and it’s time to reap the rewards with clear, smooth skin! But, just how does this glowing miracle device work?
In recent years, scientists have discovered that blue and red infrared light therapy significantly outweighs the benefits of traditional topical acne treatment creams (i.e. benzoyl peroxide or retin-A). When both blue and red infrared lights are used in conjunction with one another, results are astonishing! The blue light eradicates blemish causing bacteria Propionibacterium acnes, also known as P. acne bacteria. While the red light stimulates skin rejuvenation, shrinks pore size, and reduces sebum production. The red light is vital because it stimulates circulation, blood flow, and the release of nitric oxide which heals the skin, thereby reducing the risk of acne scarring. It’s a win, win combination that dramatically reduces redness and inflammation for a flawless complexion.
At first, one may suffer sticker shock from these pricey space age gadgets, but when you calculate the cost of years and years of ineffective acne products it’s a no brainer! But, beware there are a wide variety of infrared light therapy devices on the market that range in price and quality. It’s crucial to remember when purchasing a skincare tool, that it is a long term investment, not a disposable cream that sits on the bathroom counter for a few months. Baby Quasar sells a high quality power pack, which includes both the red and blue light therapy devices and has a five year manufacturer’s warranty. Like mom always said, you get what you pay for!
In general, light therapy treatments are recommended two to three times a week until desired results are achieved. Each session should last approximately 30 minutes. First, target areas of concern with the blue light for ten minutes and then follow up with the red device on all sections of the face. For optimal results, allow 48 hours in between treatments to allow the skin to rejuvenate. In order to retain your beloved clear complexion, maintenance treatments are recommended once or twice a month depending on your skin condition.
How easy is that?! Just after a few treatments your skin will be noticeably clearer and smoother. It’s time to say buh-bye to those messy treatment creams that always leave you disappointed. Now, get ready to zap those zits and see the results you’ve always wanted!
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