Boosting Collagen Production – Is It Really Possible?

The subject of boosting collagen production in the skin seems to be a hot topic right now.  Consumers want to know the best products for anti aging that are going to help stimulate collagen production, and keep their skin looking youthful and radiant. If you are not ready to have a needle full of collagen injected into your skin, you may want to try a less painful route and follow these tips.
Collagen acts as a protein that is made up of amino acids that connects the tissues in our skin. As we age, we cannot readily produce enough collagen on our own, so we may need a little help. This is another minus about getting older; luckily we can still be proactive by using the right products, to lessen the effects. Other factors that break down the collagen fibers are hormonal imbalances, smoking, and sun exposure. It is recommended to always wear sunscreen, even when you will only be in the sun for a limited amount of time. The sun damages DNA, cell membranes, and collagen in your skin. So put on a pair of fabulous sunglasses when you’re exposed to the sun; they will not only look great but will help to preserve the delicate skin under your eyes.
A lot of studies on different websites suggest that certain ingredients cannot be absorbed into your skin, therefore rebuilding collagen is impossible. It is important to get your information from creditable sources that strictly deal with skin care and have no agendas but to educate the general public. According to many dermatologists, they believe you can stimulate collagen production by using the right ingredients. These ingredients include: vitamin c, copper peptides, growth factors and alpha hydroxy acids. Some companies such as Pevonia are using hydrolyzed marine collagen, which is a natural collagen obtained from cod fish. Collagen has been effective in brightening the skin and helping to firm and hydrate, by replenishing connective tissue in the skin. Pevonia Power Repair Marine Collagen Cream is a great example of a collagen product. This cream also contains squalane and hyaluronic acid to restore the skin’s moisture levels. Marine collagen has a small molecular weight so it can penetrate and absorb into the skin easily and effectively.
Collagen can even be found in hair treatments as a reparative and conditioning treatment. Oscar Blandi Trattamento di Fango Marine Mud Treatment, when used as a hair mask will improve the elasticity and condition of your hair.
There is constantly new research and breakthroughs involving the skin care world happening everyday. Most of the ingredients we can’t even pronounce let alone understand that involves this new world of advancements. That is why it is encouraging to know that we can prevent damage to our skin by simply staying out of the sun, drinking plenty of water, and using the right products.
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