Decleor Neroli Oil

Essential Oil of Neroli is derived from the blossom of the Seville orange tree.  Its feminine, fresh, youthful and pure fragrance is named after a noblewoman, the Duchess of Neroli.  It stimulates cell regeneration and is said to promote restful sleep, primarily due to its soothing effect on the nervous system.  A symbol of purity and at the same time reputed to be an aphrodisiac.  This might explain why orange tree blossom is used in boutiques and garlands at weddings.
In Sicily, when the orange trees are in blossom, the island’s inhabitants are said to become “drunk on love!”  Its yield is low: it takes one entire ton of orange blossom to produce just 2.2 lbs. of pure Neroli Essential Oil!
DECLÉOR’s Aromatherapy skincare for all skin types is based on this humble ingredient for its softening, relaxing, restoring and radiance enhancing properties.  The star product within this collection is Aromessence Neroli Essential Serum, which is a multi-active serum of Essential Oils that treat all skin types exposed to daily stress.  It’s 100% natural and pure and free from preservatives, mineral oil and colorants.  We pair this skin balancing treatment with Hydra Floral, which protects the skin from pollution and dehydration.



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