Flawless Foundation

Why is it that your makeup looks completely flawless after leaving the makeup counter of your favorite luxury department store, yet when trying to duplicate the look at home you fall short? Here is a hint: Fingers vs. sponge vs. the right tools…there is a reason your makeup artist uses tools at the makeup counter…they make all the difference!
When considering whether or not to invest in a great set of makeup brushes consider this; Leonardo Da Vinci did not paint the iconic Mona Lisa with his bare hands right?! No way, he used his tools of the trade. Your face is your canvas, and you need the right tools too! Whether you are painting a canvas or applying your makeup, having the right device can determine if your finished product is a masterpiece or a major mess up! No woman should ever go without her trusty brush kit!
Let’s cut to the chase – loyalists to liquid foundation should never compromise the perfect finish to oily fingertips or a messy sponge.
A foundation brush ensures the perfect application every time. Here is how – first, use a cotton swab to gather a small amount of foundation from the product container – this reduces chances of product contamination caused by your fingers. Next, using the cotton swab, dab foundation on the areas where you wish to apply it. Finally, while makeup is still moist, use a foundation brush to blend your makeup by using downward diagonal strokes. The result is a beautiful finish that is uniform and never streaky. My personal favorite is the Stila Brush #27 Perfecting Foundation.
Did you know that using fingers for application darkens the color of the foundation 2-4 shades?! In addition, by applying your foundation with your fingers, the result is a finish that can be blotchy and uneven. You wouldn’t finger paint your wall or dresser, so why finger paint your face a risk an unattractive uneven finish?
Now let’s talk economics – application with a makeup sponge wastes product, ultimately draining the piggy bank of your hard earned cash. Most liquid foundations are water based and quickly absorb into the sponge, causing you to use more foundation than you actually need. A good portion of the product is lost in the process therefore; using a foundation brush instead of a makeup sponge can actually save you money.
One may hesitate to indulge in luxuries like a foundation brush, but a one time investment of $20 will pay you back in compliments ten fold. Plus you can also save money over time by using your product more efficiently.
Looking for a new liquid foundation to try? Elizabeth Arden Intervene Makeup SPF15, Exuviance Skin Caring Foundation,  Jan Marini C-ESTA Perfection Treatment Foundation.

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