Get Your Feet Sandal Ready

Ok, so you may have neglected your feet over the winter and into spring, but now summer is here, its time to get those feet into sandals and out where we can see them. With a little bit of help from SpaRitual, you and your feet will be ready for summer in no time.
The SpaRitual Let It Go Callus Remover is a great pre treatment for your feet. This product is for callused feet that are rough, unhappy, and tired. It’s a perfect product for walkers, runners, busy moms, and men who always seem to neglect their feet. You just pour a little on a cotton ball and rub onto the areas of concern. This product works well with warm water to help exfoliate your skin. Wrap your feet in a hot towel for 5 minutes or so, and the Let It Go Callus Remover will do the rest of the work. This product is effective because it uses a combination of lactic, glycolic, citric, and malic acids to naturally but effectively slough off that unsightly dead skin.
After your skin is smooth let’s keep it that way by using a great foot cream. SpaRitual Sole Mate Hydrating Foot Balm is a wonderful new product by SpaRitual that will help with dry cracked heels and feet. This product uses organic ingredients like papaya extract and tamanu oil to repair, soften, soothe and protect dry feet. It also contains shea butter to nourish and hydrate sore tired feet.
You deserve the best without having to spend a fortune. Be kind to your feet, they get you through life, support your shoe fetish, and now can look as fabulous as you do!
SpaRitual products are 100% vegan and use eco-friendly ingredients and packaging, promoting environmental awareness while producing high quality products.
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