Hand & Foot Care

Over worked and over looked! Our hands & feet are constantly being put to use and could probably use some well sought attention. It is easy to forget these areas in our normal routine; however, these areas are very important to our daily function. Given a bit of attention and some extra care, these areas will be healthy in just a snap!
For quick treatment and relief of hand/ foot stress, you can apply products daily to help. Many products can help keep these areas soft, hydrated, and protected. Alchimie Forever has a great product called 532nm Antioxidant Relief for Hands & Feet. This product will not only help soften the skin but will also nourish, detoxify, heal and protect the skin. With that said, it is easy to apply daily so your hands and feet maintain their health. If your life style includes heavier use of your hands or feet, they would most likely require more attention. You can incorporate an exfoliant into your regimen or even look towards investing in an area specific kit. In this day and age, it is very easy to find products specific to each targeted concern you may have. H2O Plus offers a product called Smoothing Mint Foot Rub which includes ingredients that will help smooth the skin, massage out tension and add moisture to the skin. Another recommendation for your hand or foot concerns is a product by Z. Bigatti. They offer a Foot Therapy Kit which comes with a foot cream, an impact fruit enzyme mask and also a silk toner. Use the fruit enzyme mask to gently exfoliate, clarify and improve skin texture. The toner is used to protect and the foot cream is used to hydrate the skin. What a great combination; don’t you think! So remember there are many different ways to pamper those tootsies and treat your hands, but the real deal is taking the time to tend to them. Take charge of your health, wave goodbye to dry stressed hands and walk away from cracked, callused feet!
Products featured in this article: 532nm Antioxidant Relief for Hands & Feet, H2O Plus Smoothing Mint Foot Rub, Z. Bigatti Foot Therapy Kit.



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