How To Care For Oily Skin

Oily skin is usually characterized by large, clogged pores, and areas with excessive oil production. This skin type follows along with sensitive skin as being frustrating and difficult to find the right products for. I mean, who likes cleansing their face only to feel as if they are wearing a mask applied from grease only about an hour later?! Surely not I, and I’m sure none of you either. Oily skin types can also lead to other concerns such as blemishes and acne if not attended to, so it is very important to take the necessary steps to finding the proper products.
First of all, there are two types of characteristics of oily skin to understand. One is clogged skin, where the produced sebum is hardened and dead skin cells stay within the follicular orifice. This results in the feeling of easily mistaken dry skin. The next is oily skin which appears wet or shiny. It is possible to experience both of these characteristics and important that you use products that will not only treat but aid in prevention as well. The regimen you should be committed to should include the following steps:
You should cleanse your skin both morning and evening. If you experience any over drying in the skin, you may be using a cleanser that’s  not right for you.  Switch to something more mild. You would want to use a cleanser specific to oily skin. Suggestions would include finding a gel cleanser with hydrating and exfoliating properties.
A toner would be necessary to help keep the skin pH levels balanced, help clear out the pores, and improve skin texture.
Your moisturizers need to be lightweight, hydrating and mattifying. You can look for oil-free moisturizers but don’t forget that your skin still needs moisture so that it does not over produce oils. Over production of oils will result in adding to already existing concerns.
You can also incorporate masks into your regimen. You’d want to look for masks that are either exfoliating or purifying. Most can be used a couple times a week and will enhance the results of the products you are already using in your daily regimen.
Lastly, there are also certain treatment products or serums specific to aid in control of oil production, smoothing of skin texture, and prevention of future blemishes.
For any questions or for help finding the right products, you can look on our site under oily skin in the word friendly search box, refer to a previous blog titled “Finding the Right Products- For Oily/ Acne Prone Skin”, or simply call us to go over products with our licensed aestheticians. We are always happy to help and we all know that feeling of relief once you find your perfect regimen. So don’t be shy, start asking questions and do your research to pave your way to healthy, flawless skin. Feeling like a million bucks is priceless!
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