How To Care For Your Dry Skin Through The Seasons

For individuals with dry skin, changes in the weather or other environmental factors can often lead to the frustrating process of finding a new way to best hydrate your skin. Without immediate and proper attention, you know that your skin can quickly become parched and flaky, or even hypersensitive or painfully tight.
The manifestation of dry skin can vary from person to person. Severity can range from dry patches to chronically dry skin on the face and body. The pervasiveness of your dry skin may also be year round or just when weather or environmental factors change. Regardless, those who experience dry skin seek moisture and relief.
Since cleansing is one of the most important aspects of our daily skin care rituals, I will often start there when providing a consultation to our clients. When speaking to those who have truly dry skin (skin still feels dry even after 12 hours), I often ask if they have ever tried an oil based cleanser such as Babor Hy-Ol & Phytoactive Base Cleansing System. Most individuals that I have spoken with had not considered taking such an aggressive approach to dry skin, but I have to tell you, personally I have tried oil based cleansers, such as the one just mentioned, and I find that they are highly effective especially during the winter season, in high elevation areas, windy climates or dry cool regions. One of the active ingredients that I appreciate in the Babor Combination Skin Cleanser is the witch hazel which is an astringent that has antioxidant qualities and has been used to treat eczema and psoriasis. I will generally suggest that this type of cleanser be used in the evening and a hydro-based lighter cleanser like the Pevonia Dry Skin Cleanser or the Decleor Cleansing Milk in the morning, but that is really a personal preference based on the user and what their specific needs are. Babor also makes a sensitive skin formulation of the Hy-Ol and Phytoactive solutions.
Another more natural approach to cleansing is the Sundari Comfrey Cleanser for Dry Skin. Sundari has a high concentration of natural based ingredients such as comfrey and chamomile extracts. Follow this cleanser with the Sundari Essential Oil for Dry Skin and the Lavender Moisturizer and you have a cocktail of wonderfully hydrating ingredients. Check out the customer reviews by going to the product pages at if you have a moment.
Moisturizers are another critical element of caring for your dry skin. Facial moisturizers come in all levels of hydration and consistency. It can be confusing to try to find the right one. There are night creams, day creams and multipurpose creams in every type of delivery system from tubes to pumps to jars.
From a moisturizer perspective, because I have true dry skin, I prefer to use, as well as recommend, a hydrator such as the SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel or the Cellex-C Hydra 5B Complex, and then a moisturizer on top, this is a morning regimen. The moisturizer you choose should have an SPF. I suggest the La Roche Posay Hydraphase UV SPF30 because it is light enough to apply under makeup without any sticky or cakey feeling that some sunscreens can have, it is also super hydrating. Another good moisturizing SPF is the Peter Thomas Roth Max All Day Moisture Defense Cream SPF30, again it is light enough to use under makeup.
If you use or need a treatment, use your treatment product first, then the hydrator and apply the moisturizer last. For treatment, the SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF or the C E Ferulic is a must have for every woman concerned with preventative measures, cell turnover, elasticity and even hyperpigmentation. Depending on what you need, I would advise reading about the products on to determine which is best suited to address your skin care concerns.  
For an evening moisturizing treatment Kinerase and SkinCeuticals have some wonderful options. SkinCeuticals has the Renew Overnight Dry with a 10% hydroxy acid to exfoliate the skin. Kinerase has a couple that I have used and can suggest the Ultimate Night Moisturizer and the Pro Therapy Ultra Rich Night Repair. The Pro Therapy line in general is really great. The Night Repair has the Kinetin and Zeatin formulation that help with moisture retention and to improve the signs of aging. It also has the Palmitoyl Tripeptide-3 to help with the appearance of wrinkles and the antioxidant benefit of Ergothioneine (More info here). Again, if you use treatments such as Retinols, serums, or gels, apply them under your moisturizer.
More suggestions for dry skin will be in later articles. These are just a few suggestions for those with excessively dry skin; it is not an all inclusive list of what can be used or even all inclusive listing of a complete skin care regimen. For example, toners and treatments are important to a health skin care regimen, but some may or may not choose to include them in their regimen as a personal choice. With that said, no one can or should avoid a great cleanser and moisturizer.
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