How To Look Good When You Don’t Feel Good

It’s hard to muster up the energy to get ready for work when you feel like you have been hit by a truck …or two. So what to do when you’re tempted to go to work in your pajamas and you know that’s a bad idea? Try adding these energizing additions into your routine to start your day on the right foot.
First, you will want to channel your sleeping beauty. Go to bed early and get as much rest as possible. Using a humidifier is a great idea to prevent a dry, scratchy throat.
Next, wake up and take a shower using any type of invigorating, energizing shower gel, like Molton Brown Energizing Seamoss Bath & Shower. This aromatic pick-me-up will awaken your senses and banish stress and fatigue in an instant.
Once it’s time to wash your face try using the Phytomer Marine Breeze (Souffle Marin) Energizing Oxygenating Serum to get rid of a sickly, sallow complexion. Follow with a bronzing moisturizer to bring natural looking color to your face. Yonka Bonne Mine Tinted Antioxidant Bronzer Moist contains antioxidants for an added bonus!
Eat a good breakfast and remember to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. You can add Pure Inventions Green Tea – Tropical to provide yourself with additional antioxidants that promote energy and healthy looking skin.
Life doesn’t always tend to accommodate your schedule when you need time to take care of yourself. The sooner you find time to rest, the sooner your body will be able to heal itself. So listen to doctor’s orders if told to stay home; your co-workers will probably thank you.
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