How to Make Shoes Fit Better

Have you seen the latest shoe styles that are hot off the runway yet? On the high fashion runways of New York, Paris, Milan and London models are togged up in shoes that boast everything from a chunky base with wide strappy elegance crafted by Nicholas Kirkwood or Fendi to the more traditional elegance offered by the beloved Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin. The shoes this season are awesome, bold and just simply irresistible! Yes, some are not so cute but you get the idea.
Keeping up with fashion while maintaining our personal style is something that many of us dedicated fashionistas value, but putting aside this season’s hottest trends of over-the-knee or thigh high boots and see through clothing, the pumps are something that even I can do (though Versace has a delicious flat side-zip boot this year, so adorable!). So here is what I did, because runway fashion is ridiculously expensive, I went to the nearest department store and found fantastic alternatives to the high fashion shoes. I bought about 4 different pairs to match my favorite runway styles.
Here is where my dilemma starts; I’m getting to the solution part about making my shoes fit better so bear with me. One pair I bought are the cutest pair of black patent leather pumps very similar to a pair Jimmy Choo Peep-Toe pumps, only mine are not Jimmy Choo…so I paid a fraction of the price. I love these shoes! Only one problem – my heel is slipping out of them and because I got them at an outlet type department store I can’t return them! Bummer! At first I thought to myself “ok, there has to be a solution”. So I went to work talked to one of my co-workers who happens to have small feet and she told me about a product that we sell (we sell thousands of products, I can not keep up with every single one!). I could not believe it, Foot Petals are the best solution for fitting shoes properly when you are in a pinch or if you just have shoes that need some adjusting to fit right!
Ladies, I have been shouting about Foot Petals to anyone who will listen. Do you have any idea how much money this little wonder invention has saved me? I looked in my closet and found so many pairs of shoes that I just don’t wear because I was heavier when I bought them, or my foot size changed or I was retaining water like crazy on the day I went shopping or for whatever other mad reason the shoe’s just didn’t fit anymore (yes I am one who believes my shoe size changes when I lose weight, I swear it’s true).
So what are these miraculous little Foot Petal inventions you may ask? Well they are little discrete inserts that fit neatly to the inside of any shoe to help with sizing, slipping and sliding. They come in all shapes and colors to match or fit any shoe or comfort need. They make Heavenly Heelz in black or buttercup color, these little lovelies not only help with sizing, but the also help with preventing blisters and can be used with mules, boots or pumps. This is the fix that I needed to help keep my heels from slipping out of my shoe. Every woman should have some of these in her beauty tool kit. The Foot Petals manufacturers have also made the Stiletto Survival Kit (available in the same colors); in this kit you get a total of 6 different products. So you not only get the Heavenly Heelz, you get what are called Tip Toes for the ball of your foot, the Strappy Strips for your sling backs, the Killer Kusionz which is a full insole for open toe or sandals, but you also get the Sole Stopperz and the Petal Pouch which is a shoe bag.
So once again, saves the day for me. I really had never seen these little inserts before so I was rather impressed with them. When my co-worker made me aware of them, she shared with me that she automatically purchases a pair of these Foot Petals each time she purchases shoes. What a fantastic idea! This is a sure fire solution to any shoe dilemma!
If you missed the runways, here is a clip with some highlights…it would be impossible to feature all of the great shoes but there are some Prada, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Dior, etc.

For my fellow shoe enthusiasts, there are many places on the internet for us to retreat from the office banter to gaze quietly and affectionately at the latest shoe styles, trends and must haves. One of my personal favorite retreats is the shoeblog.
Also, if you are looking for information about your feet, the American Podiatric Medical Association, Inc. is a great resource that provides information about how to maintain your foot health. The section Foot Health and Aging has some wonderful information including foot health tips.



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