Styling Tools That End Boring Hair Hexes

At some point in our lives we all seem to get bored with our daily hair routine. Between school, jobs, friends, kids and relationships, we sometimes need extra tools which help us kick up our efforts in hairstyle. Figuring out what kind of tools we should invest our time and money into can be a pain in the rear. Hair styling tools are made to give us a hand and to help us avoid hassle. They vary from simple easy to use tools to more intricate and time consuming tools with fierce results. Below I will give you tool suggestions and how to use those tools to break old routine habits and enjoy hairstyle variation!
 We will start with the most common styling tool known to women. This is the hair dryer. It is probably going to be your most important tool investment. I don’t think I know one woman who does not own a hair dryer. Due to daily activities, our hair becomes dirty and eventually it will need to be washed. As much as we procrastinate doing this to try and maintain hair health, it is inevitable. On that note hair will need to be dried. You can towel and air dry as much as you want but you will not always receive the style results you may be looking for. Hair needs heat in order to achieve volume and create style. When looking for a great hair dryer, you’ll want to lean towards an ionic tourmaline one. Having these components will help eliminate frizz, prevent breakage or split ends, dry hair faster and add shine to your lovely locks! A great suggestion would be Metropolis Technology Tourmaline Ionic Dryer. Using a round brush while drying your hair can give you the option to either flip your hair ends under, flip your hair ends out, and can also help to create volume at the roots of your hair. Frederick Fekkai has an amazing round brush. When purchasing a hair dryer, look to see if it comes with a diffuser. You can use mousse or hairspray while the hair is still damp, apply heat with the diffuser and create an instantly wavy hairstyle. As you can see, a hair dryer alone can create numerous different hair styles depending on the techniques used in conjunction.
When looking for straight hair, you’d want to use a flat iron. The best flat irons for your hair have multiple heat settings and are usually ceramic or tourmaline. You could try Metropolis Technology T-Ion Tourmaline Flat Iron. For the same reasons as the hair dryer, those components keep you from frying your hair. A hot iron can also be used to create many different looks as well, from smooth and sleek to slightly curled or flipped.
 The next frequently used or thought of hair tool is the curling iron. The curling iron comes in various sizes and styles. You have the option to use smaller barreled irons for tighter ringlets or larger barreled irons for loose relaxed curls. Ceramic curling irons are what you should look for. They also have curling irons which have a spiral wrapped around the barrel that give your ringlets more of a spiral appearance. Curling irons are easy to use and can get to all sections of the hair accordingly. After curling your hair, you can leave your playful curls down or use them to create a stunning updo. When hair spray is utilized in the process of curling, you are bound to create a lasting and amazing style. Similar to curling irons, are hot rollers. With practice and experience with hot rollers you can use them daily without spending excessive time on your hair. Only with hair cuts that are very textured or that have numerous layers will hot rollers be difficult to use in a timely manner.
 A tool with a kick is a three barrel iron. This tool creates big waves throughout the entire head, which always looks sassy. The tool is easy to use and the results achieved can last up to a few days if used with hairspray. I have personally tested this theory in my own hair laziness and found this style is a quick fix to a boring routine.
Above all there is no reason these days for us women to become bored with our hair. There are numerous tools we can use that each create their own unique style and will have your peers admiring your new look. The next time you hit a hair slump I suggest digging into your hair tool drawer, getting out your hairspray, getting motivated and creating your next sassy runway hair style.
Tools featured in this article: Metropolis Technology Tourmaline Ionic Dryer, Metropolis Technology T-Ion Tourmaline Flat Iron, Frederic Fekkai Large Round Brush.

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