The Five Minute Face

Have you ever looked at someone’s makeup and thought, “Wow that must have taken her all day to apply? I don’t have that kind of time!” Between work, kids, significant others, and life in general, there isn’t much time left for makeup. If your schedule’s busting at the seams, look no further, here are some simple tips on how to look fabulous in a flash! 
The 5 Minute Face has been tested and timed, this is no myth ladies! Remember the cardinal rule: Less is more! For every wonderful makeup job there are even more OVERLY made up jobs!
The 5 minute face does not have to look like you spent all morning creating a work of art. A few simple, yet effective tips can have you looking great and out the door in a snap.
Step 1: One of the first things everyone should consider is protecting and prepping the skin. This means you should apply a moisturizer with sunscreen first, before painting your daily canvas. This will ensure your skin is protected and hydrated for the day ahead. If your moisturizer does not contain a SPF, select an oil free sunscreen that will not clog your pores and gives you optimum sun protection. An SPF 30 or greater is ideal. I enjoy Osmotic’s Age Prevention Protection Extreme SPF 40This sunscreen is specifically formulated for sensitive skin types, is oil free, and contains natural ingredients to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Who wouldn’t want their sunscreen doing all the work for them! By the way, to clarify a common misconception, if your foundation has an SPF of 15 and your sunscreen also has a SPF of 15; it does not mean you are getting SPF 30. I hope that helps to clarify!
Step 2: Now the eyes, which can be one of our best assets girls! Start by priming the lid. You can use an actual eye primer, but who has time for that? We only have 5 minutes. For quick application, I use the same foundation that goes on my face, patting it all over my lid then apply an eye shadow. You can also use the same foundation underneath your eyes for those pesky dark circles. If you have a hard time deciding what eye shadow to use, try getting dressed first then you will know what colors will compliment your outfit. If you are wearing gray or black, you may want to try a charcoal or a green shadow. Try Stila Eye Shadow Duo in Seafoam. Next, apply a highlighter below the brow, along the orbital bone. If you want to look fresh and alert all day try bareMinerals Well Rested for Eyes. This product is multi-functional, try using it under your eye shadow or even around your nose, lips or anywhere else you needs brightening.
Step 3: Mascara is a very important step, as it finishes the look and gives the illusion it took 20 minutes, not 5 to pull the whole look together. The trick is to find the best mascara for your eye type. If you have long lashes and a lot of them, use a larger brush. This will cut down on your application time. If your lashes are sparse and short, use a smaller brush that will evenly coat the mascara while not getting clumpy and complicated. The Too Faced Lash Injection is a customer favorite!
Step 4: A little bit of cheek. I recommend using a bronzer with a multi colored palette to choose from. This will give your cheeks that shimmer and sparkle without looking too dark and unforgiving. Try Lancaster Sunlight Palette in Natural. Apply where the sunlight naturally hits your face, cheeks, top of nose, chin, and forehead. (This will also work great for the inner eye highlight).
Step 5: Finally, finish off the entire look with lips. Stila Lip Glaze – Brown Sugar, will add a little spice and glam to your day. Forget the liner and lipstick ladies! Look fresh and polished with just a little gloss.
These five easy steps, in 5 short minutes can have you looking amazing and put together all day long!
Products featured in this article: Osmotic’s Age Prevention Protection Extreme SPF 40, Stila Eye Shadow Duo, bareMinerals Well Rested for Eyes, Too Faced Lash Injection, Lancaster Sunlight Palette, Stila Lip Glaze.

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