Thinning Hair? You’re Not Alone

Have you noticed a few more hairs flowing down the shower drain lately? Or maybe your honey has suddenly become cognizant of his receding hairline and is not too pleased. Reminiscing of a time when you had a full head of hair may not be just a fond memory. Here’s some helpful information that may help you better understand, treat and prevent hair loss.
According to the Mayo Clinic, most people shed about 50 to 100 hairs a day. There are close to 100,000 hairs on the scalp and the average hairs lost in a day should not be noticeable. Along with the aging process, comes a natural thinning of the hair. The rate at which one loses their hair determines baldness. If you are shedding more hairs than the rate of re-growth or the new hairs are thinner or come out in patches than you may be balding.
There are many causes for hair loss. However, most cases are male-and female-pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. This occurs when the time in between hair growth shortens and the hair is not as thick or strong. With every growth phase, the hairs are not as deeply rooted within the scalp and fall out more easily.  Androgenetic alopecia tends to run in the family. If you have a history of male-or female- pattern baldness on either side of your family you will have a greater risk of balding. Genetics will determine at what age you begin to lose your hair, the speed, pattern and to what degree.
Nonetheless, there is no reason to surrender to genetics! Technology is our friend, always eager to lend a hand in time of need! There are quite a few hair loss treatment products and devices on the market that have produced great results.
HairMax LaserComb is the only FDA approved at home laser device for the promotion of hair growth. The device utilizes laser energy to stimulate and energize weakened hair follicles. The energy from the laser increases blood flow and circulation to the scalp. Increased blood flow brings nutrients to the hair follicle, while taking away harmful byproducts such as DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). DHT is a naturally occurring hormone in the body that shrinks and kills off healthy hair follicles.
There are also a variety of topical treatment products that can help and prevent hair loss. Look for products that block or inhibit the production of DHT. Alterna Life Solutions Volume Restore Scalp and Follicle Serum and Billy Jealousy Hair Raiser Follicle Revitalizer are effective products that promote thicker, healthier looking hair. The Alterna product penetrates deep into the scalp encouraging microcirculation and blocks DHT production by 98%.
Source: Mayo Clinic
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