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I’ve taken countless trips to my colorist since I was sixteen years old. In fact, she knows quite a bit more about me and my personal life than some of my good friends (when the hair shaft opens up to absorb the bleach so do the flood gates… sometimes). Having gone from ashy blonde to brown to platinum to a perfect buttery shade that I’ve kept as my signature hair color for over five years I can give true testament to how difficult it is to keep blonde hair healthy. While the brunettes and redheads of the world have nourishing color deposited into their locks the blondes get a lot of Lift! Lift! Lift! Blonde hair color and bleach, are typically developed with a high lift developer which sucks the natural pigment from the hair, oftentimes resulting in weak, brittle hair (which can result to lackluster locks and breakage). Here are my tips to keeping your blonde shining:
1. See a professional. An $8.99 box dye sounds tempting versus the $150 salon dye job, but you get what you pay for when it comes to hair. Your hair colorist will determine just how much lift and tint is needed to achieve the perfect color- box dye just isn’t as savvy as a trained professional. Besides, box dye doesn’t include a head massage, a blow out, professional styling service and a great overall experience!
2. Clean carefully. Some shampoos can strip the hair and cause blonde to become brassy, therefore it’s best to use a sufate-free shampoo. Alterna Caviar Moisture Shampoo is my personal favorite. A few times a month refresh your blonde with malva shampoo. Malva is purple, therefore a malva shampoo will be purple, and purple will help to counteract and neutralize the brassy shades to refresh and revitalize blonde hair.
3. Condition thoroughly. Ammonia in hair color tends to strip away a lot of the protective barrier that keeps the hair cuticle sealed and the hair shiny, so to avoid dull hair replenish what you’ve taken away with a good conditioner that’s made for color-treated hair. I like Neil George Intense Illuminating Conditioner because it has Indian gooseberry which helps to strengthen and repair the hair shaft and deeply moisturize the hair leaving it smooth, luxurious, and tangle free.
4. Nourish weekly. Use a hair masque or nourishing treatment oil once a week for intense repair. I’m a huge fan of Alterna products and if I could only use one hair product for the rest of my life it would be Alterna TEN Hair Masque. It’s deeply nourishing and softening, it also imparts dramatic radiance and leaves the hair softer than a baby’s. It smells amazing too.
5. Style carefully. Heat tools and low quality hair brushes can be damaging to the hair. Use a natural boar bristle brush to comb through your hair (gently!) and high quality ceramic tools to straighten or curl your hair. Use a tourmaline or ion blowdryer on a low to medium heat setting to dry your hair post-shower or bath. I’m a fan of Metropolis Technology styling tools.
I hope you find my tips helpful! Care for your tresses with love!

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