Tips for Softer Hands

Winter weather brings out the dry, chapped, rough hands. It can be embarrassing and uncomfortable at the very least.
For softer smoother hands has a lot of wonderfully soothing products. Just a few honorable mentions listed below.
The L’Occitance Shea Butter Hand Cream offers the soothing power of 20% shea butter that is soothing and healing to the skin. Balanced with honey, almond and coconut oil this product is rich and creamy, perfect for soothing winter hands. This product is also an InStyle Editors Pick – 2011 Best Beauty Buy Best Hand Cream.
The Borghese Splendide Mani Smoothing Hand Cream is perfect for the environmental aggressors that we experience during the winter season like windburn and concentrated sun exposure. This cream has a heavier consistency and is great for use at night.
For sensitive skin AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream provides a paraben free, hypoallergenic solution that absorbs easily and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy. This product also smells wonderful so it is great to use in the morning or through the day.
For extended results, get a tube of your favorite hand cream, warm it in a glass of warm water, apply to your skin then place cotton gloves over your hands and leave on overnight.
For a natural at home solution you can mix ½ cup warm milk, two tablespoons of coarse sugar and two tablespoons of yogurt then soak your hands for 5-10 minutes while massaging them using the sugar to help exfoliate your skin.



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