Vichy Idéalia Battles Behavioral Aging

Skin is subject to many influences, both internal and external. Behavioral Aging is the impact of lifestyle and environment on your skin. It can defy genetic factors and resist some of the most powerful anti-aging treatments. Your skin is up against lifestyle choices that cause damage in ways you may not realize:
Stress and lack of sleep: side effects include overstressed skin marked by sagging and lack of firmness
Environmental pollution: side effects include polluted skin marked by dull, yellowing complexion
Unbalanced diet: side effects include imbalanced skin marked by large pores, oiliness and shine
UV rays: side effects include uneven skin tone marked by dark spots, fine lines and loss of firmness
With its many years of expertise, Vichy research has discovered new and effective ways of looking after the health of your skin. To combat behavioral aging Vichy has introduced the Idéalia Life Serum and Idealia Eye.
Vichy surveyed 2,600 women and asked them what was standing between them and ideal skin– they responded:
Skin texture (smooth skin, free from bumps and pores) 34%
Skin tone (radiant skin, free from dark spots & pigmentation) 25%
Skin elasticity (supple skin, free from wrinkles, lines & sagging) 25%
Skin balance (well-hydrated skin, free from shine & oily/dry patches) 16%
Vichy Idéalia Life Serum helps with the skin quality parameters that matter most to women. Take the challenge and let us know how Vichy Idéalia Life Serum worked for you and addressing these parameters. It’s not a free pass, but it’s a second chance to transform your skin quality in 8 days. Use Idéalia Life Serum twice daily for 8 days, and experience a visible skin transformation.
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