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Our Top New Brands this Week

Dr. Kerklaan

Convinced of the need for trusted products that deliver natural, CBD-based, non-psychotropic relief, Dr. Kerklaan worked in tandem with leading biochemists to develop a breakthrough in topical formulas. The result is a robust product line that is doctor-designed and patient approved. Then, all products get rigorously tested by the top labs in Canada and California.

The Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics CBD line provides unparalleled pain relief plus a wellspring of soothing botanical benefits. Available in: Relief, Sleep, PMS, and Skin.


Dr.PAWPAW’s balm series provides relief for dry irritated skin and moisturizes lips, nails, cuticles and dry cracked skin including heels, hand and elbows. It can also be used to add finishing touches to hair, brows and for cosmetic finishing!

Daniel Sandler

Daniel Sandler feels there is a lot of unfair pressure on women to look as perfect as airbrushed images of celebrities and models, hence why he started his own makeup line to bring out the most beautiful in every woman. His products have won many Beauty awards, the pinnacle being the Cosmo Awards for Best Blusher and Best Brushes along with my Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) Award for my lipstick in the beauty and lifestyle brand section.

With a professional finish, versatility, and staying power, Daniel Sander’s beauty line will leave you effortlessly beautiful.

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