Beauty Devices We’re Loving: Summer Edition

Summer is here and it’s time for an upgrade to our style! The warmer weather forces us to make adjustments to our beauty routine. Half of the changes we make are because of the weather, the other half is because sometimes, you need to switch things up to keep it exciting.

You don’t get those bouncy waves or that radiant skin without a little help, so here are some of our favorite beauty devices to help you get your summer look up to speed!

Beauty Devices We’re Loving This Summer

For Skin that Speaks for Itself

Designed to mimic the fingertip manipulations of an aesthetician’s massage technique, this ReFa Carat facial roller works to improve your complexion’s firmness, contour and naturally enhances your skin’s radiance and suppleness. Perfect for prepping for the hours you’ll be spending outdoors this summer!

Speed up your morning routine with a one-minute ritual with FOREO Luna mini 2. Give your skin an invigorating wakeup call that combines T-sonic pulsations with non-porous silicone touchpoints that cleanse, exfoliate and effectively lift away dirt and oil. Safe for all skin types and both bath and shower, this device is 100% waterproof!

Skin to die for wouldn’t be worth the jealousy if it didn’t include your legs as well! Smooth out the appearance of dimpled and uneven skin with the NuFace NuBody Skin Toning Device. The gel primer helps to redefine and smooth your skin’s texture and keep moisture levels boosted for a radiant glow all over.

For Curls that Call for Attention

A summer makeover isn’t complete without a head of beachy curls. Demand attention this summer with the T3 Whirl Convertible Curling Iron, which has a tourmaline and ceramic-coated barrel for a frizz-free style, allowing you to achieve effortless, bouncy style with minimal damage. Of course, we know that with summer comes a strong wanderlust. Take your style on the road with this easily compacted T3 Featherweight Compact Hair Dryer. With Tourmaline SoftAir technology that works to accelerate drying time with natural and frizz-free results, this styling tool makes it easy to take your style on-the-go!

Never leave the house without the proper tools again! These beauties give your summer routine more speed, efficiency and glamour! Discover more beauty devices on the SkinStore website here!



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