SkinStore Survey Reveals America’s Most Independent Women

SkinStore Survey Reveals America’s Most Independent Women

To celebrate Independence Day, we’ve revealed the most independent states of America in our latest survey. The results uncover which state homes the country’s most independent women, with the East Coast far more independent than those of the West.

Taking into consideration the home, work and personal lives of over 2,000 American women, the survey revealed that women in New York, Florida and Chicago top the charts for living the most independent lives. However, women in Utah and California are the least independent.

Our survey also highlighted modern day equality, with women having the highest salary in 42% of homes and 19% running their own business. 20% of women questioned said they preferred to lead their relationship.

70% of women described themselves as ‘very independent’ with 75% paying their own bills: cell phones, credit cards, gym memberships and general appointments. Just 10% of couples have the man footing the woman’s personal bills.

Over half of American women would choose a beauty product as their treat of choice. A third of respondents treat themselves twice a month, with moisturizers proving the go-to treat of choice!

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The 50/50 Household

 80% of women split the household bills evenly with their partner, and we found the below statistic even more interesting with a 16% difference between men having a higher salary than a woman.

In the average household, the ratio of men having a higher salary than a woman is now 58:42.

The Female Boss

  • 79% of women are working ladies, with New York, Illinois, Arizona, New Jersey and Pennsylvania sitting as the highest female earners in the US
  • West Coast women in Oregon and Montana claimed to earn the least
  • 19% of women run their own business, with more females fronting their own businesses in New Jersey
  • 21% are unemployed and rely on their man for the household income
  • Two thirds of women state they could completely support themselves without anyone else’s help
  • While 1/3 say they would struggle, unable to cope with bills and other financial outgoings.

At-home Moms

25% of women with children are stay-at-home Moms, whilst just 2% of men with children are stay-at-home Dads.

 Me, Myself and I

  • 80% of women own and drive their own car
  • 40% of women never ask for a male’s opinion on their outfits
  • 68% of women have no problem going to the cinema on their own. Chicago women do this more so than any other state
  • A further 65% are confident dining out alone, with women in New York and Pennsylvania being the most regular lone diners.


Although 70% of women state they are very independent, 68% of women prefer the 50/50 lead with their partners.

20% of women say they prefer to make all the decisions and lead in their relationship.

How Women Treat Themselves

  • Over half of women will chose to treat themselves to beauty products over anything else
  • 1/3 of women treat themselves to beauty products fortnightly
  • Skin care is the most popular treat, with hair and makeup products second, and tanning third
  • A new moisturizer, cleanser or face mask rank the most popular purchases for fortnightly treats.


If you’re included in the statistic of over half of women who treat themselves to beauty products, treat yourself to some of our SkinStore favorites below!


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