A Moment for Aesop: Shampoo Review

A moment for Aesop: Shampoo Review

Let’s take a moment for Aesop Shampoo.

We don’t know about you, but when we’re looking for a good shampoo we’re looking for three things. First, does it lather? Nobody likes a shampoo that doesn’t make their hair feel clean, it’s a waste of time. We want our shampoo to suds up and strip down all of our impurities to make our hair shine like the top of the Chrysler building.

Secondly, does it smell good? Let’s face it, we all want our hair to smell like we just waltzed out of an expensive spa. There’s nothing better than loving the way your hair smells. If we’re not putting it up to our noses for a whiff the entire day, we don’t want it. Plus, “your hair smells good,” is arguably the best compliment you can possibly receive. If everyone we walk past on the street isn’t turning around to tell us that our hair is the most exquisite aroma they have ever experienced, why would you ever spend money on it?

Last, but certainly not least on our list of shampoo importance, is the bottle. If you say that you don’t care about what your shampoo container looks like, you’re lying. Either that or you’ve just never had a beautiful bottle of shampoo. Shower real estate is extremely precious, and unless it’s tall dark and handsome, it shouldn’t be in your shower.

Enter, the Aesop Classic Shampoo. Not only does it meet all our listed criteria, but it’s also packed with healthy, plant-based ingredients that make it surpass the one you already have. This stuff is filled with rosemary leaf, cedarwood bark, juniper berry, and an impressive lineup of essential oils. It’s made to cleanse, hydrate and soften your hair, while also infusing it with shine and volume. If that sounds too good to be true, wait ’til you’ve tried it. Prepare to be amazed.

While you’re at it, did we mention the matching conditioner is just as good? It takes two to Tango!

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