How to Prep your Skin for Growvember

Whether you’re hoping for the Colin Farrell in Miami Vice, the Al Pacino in Serpico or Tom Selleck’s everyday moustache, preparation is everything when you’re trying to grow a ‘tache for Growvember.

A Fresh Start

Your skin needs a thorough clean as you begin to grow facial hair. To avoid dead skin cells clogging up the hair follicles, scrub or wash your face twice a day. This is you getting the groundwork underway so that when you do get growing you’ll still look fine.

If you’re not sure whether to scrub or wash, try Billy Jealousy’s demonstrable solution. Less scratchy than a scrub but more powerful than a face wash, LiquidSand cleans thoroughly to remove dead surface skin cells, dirt and related grime without over drying skin. Scrubbing particles exfoliate dead skin cells while lactic acid helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and photo damage from the sun.

Grow the Whole Thing

At the early stages of growing a moustache, prevent it looking a little thin by growing all the stubble and shave in about a week. In doing so, remember that the right products will be your skin’s nutrition and prevent you looking rough.

Jack Black’s Nourishing Oil is a good place to start. The sheer, multi-tasking oil provides immediate benefits to skin and hair. The lightweight, quick-penetrating blend of 10 natural oils infuses skin and hair with intensive moisture plus potent antioxidants, essential nutrients and fatty acids for a healthy, improved appearance. organic moringa seed oil provides anti-aging and firming benefits, while a powerful combination of antioxidant-rich argan oil, organic marula seed and grape seed oils helps reinforce skin’s natural defenses, soothe redness, and restore elasticity and suppleness.  

Enhance your Other Assets

As your stubble grows out, divert the attention to your other features, such as your hair.

Reach for Mr Natty’s Dub Hair Preparation, a hybrid hair formula that combines the dry, matt roughness of a clay, with the sharpness of a pomade wax. It’s perfect on short and long hair, both wet and dry, the versatile styling putty adds texture and definition to create slicked back, debonair styles, or instant bed-head mania. Use it on dry hair for added weight; it creates a rough, messy, tacky finish with medium shine. Use on wet hair to add slickness with decent hold and glossy finish.

Prep it with our carefully selected range of products for men growing moustaches.



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