Which Hairbrush is Right for You?

From big and round to compact and convenient, there sure are a lotta hairbrushes out there. Brushing your hair helps you to maintain smoother locks and healthier locks as it distributes natural oils from your roots to your tips.

But which one is right for your hair? Muse over our brush selection and discover.

  1. For afro-Caribbean hair
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    For afro-Caribbean hair

    Of all the hair textures, Afro-Caribbean hair is the most vulnerable to damage. The unique structure and styling needs mean this hair type needs a unique kind of brush.

    Choose Mason’s Pearson’s Rake Comb for a happy ‘fro. This extra wide-toothed Swiss comb will help you style it with ease. Where the twists and kinks in afro hair often results in dryness, and sadly breakage towards the ends, the C7 comb will massage the scalp and distribute both product and natural oils evenly through the hair.

    It’s made from smooth acrylic to prevent hair damage. In fact all Mason Pearson Combs are hand-crafted from the finest culluloid material in the world, the same material used for designer costume jewelry and eyewear. Look carefully at the tortoise pattern. You’ll notice the 3D effect of the shell pattern. This is the result of an internationally patented process that replicates natural tortoise shell.

    Your hair is your crown so turn to exquisite tool. See ya breakage!

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  2. For tangled hair
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    For tangled hair

    The Wet Brush’s uniquely designed teeth dance around the tangles in your hair before knocking them out completely.

    Designed with strong, flexible Intelliflex™ bristles that glide through wet or dry hair and bounce back to their original form after each stroke, the brush helps prevent split ends and breakage for healthy-looking locks from root to tip.

    It will also deliver a stimulating massaging action to encourage circulation.

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  3. For thinning hair/sensitive scalps
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    For thinning hair/sensitive scalps

    The scalp is often neglected, but remember to think of it as an extension of your skin – the body’s largest organ.

    When mistreated or forgotten, the sensitive scalp can become irritated, flaky, red and itchy. Be kind and gentle to your hair and scalp, with premium-grade boar bristles on Mason Pearson’s Handy Size Boar Bristle Hairbrush.

    This fine brush is the ultimate grooming tool for those with sensitive scalps. Brushing with a brush by the brand will exfoliate the scalp and stimulate circulation to the hair follicles. The patented pneumatic cushion conforms to the contours of the scalp, which optimizes brushing with minimal effort.

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  4. For short hair
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    For short hair

    Style short hair with the Chi Air Expert Tourmaline Ceramic Nylon Round Brush.

    This smart brush uses the latest innovative technology to product an exceptionally high amount of negative ions and Far Infrared, which reduce static electricity. It reduces drying time by 50% and will leave your hair smooth and silky with a dazzling shine. It will never snag or pull the hair.

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  5. For extensions or synthetic hair
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    For extensions or synthetic hair

    Achieve manageable locks with the Tangle Angel Hair Brush, no matter your hair type. Its unique design can be held by the wings for ultimate control or by the handle for everyday use. With anti-bacterial properties, additives have been embedded into the plastic to reduce unwanted bacteria and maintain hygiene.

    This brush has anti-static features to deliver a smooth, frizz-free finish and the flexible, heat resistant bristles effortlessly glide through hair to detangle knots, without snagging.

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  6. For flat, lacklustre hair
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    For flat, lacklustre hair

    The ultra-dense blend of natural boar bristles on Philip B’s Large Round Hair Brush are streamlined when they glide through your hair, never pulling or tangling.

    It’s rare to find a brush so gentle that helps you attain bigger, bouncier hair. This one will stimulate your scalp and even tame static. Sculpted from polished mahogany, the special ergonomic handle makes salon-quality blowouts a cinch. Better yet, its extra length gives you more control and protects your hands from the heat.

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  7. For men
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    For men

    Create sleek styles with Mr Natty’s Sky Rocket Comb.

    Handcrafted in Switzerland from premium materials, the tortoiseshell comb undergoes a 12-step process to ensure maximum quality. From shaping, to polishing, bevelling to rounding, the brush’s fine teeth are designed to glide neatly through the hair for comfortable styling. The perfect size for your pocket.

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  8. For kids
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    For kids

    Help to de-tangle your kid’s hair with PK Kids Grooming Brush. The brush is made with rounded pins and a soft cushion that works gently on the scalp. Perfect for little hands, the brush can be used for li’l ones to start learning about how to look after their hair.

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