8 Evening Make-Up Looks We Love

It’s National Night Out Day! And although it falls on a Tuesday (which doesn’t scream ideal for a night out to most of us!) we can still appreciate this day in our usual beauty related way.

To celebrate, we wanted to touch on what really makes us excited about a night out, and that of course is evening make-up looks. As much as you can’t beat creating a fresh daytime face with dewy skin and rose blushed cheeks, there’s something much more daring, dramatic and creative about sculpting that night out face. So without further ado, we’ve rounded up the top evening make-up looks which win every time…


Statement Red Lips
Red lips are having a moment again, where the bolder and brighter the red, the better! It’s a trend that A-list are sporting left right and centre, rocking some serious statement shades of scarlett, rose and crimson. For an all-round, winning evening look, it’s about time you followed suit with the red too! If you’ve got darker skin, go for an orangey red with warm undertones which will freshen up your complexion in a flash. For paler faces, pick a classic red shade which is clean, crisp and bold. It’ll make your skin look instantly warmer and healthier!

Bronze Smokey Eyes
Smokey eyes are a given for an evening out, but one of the biggest mistakes is to focus on grey smokey eyes each time, when bronze is actually ahead when it comes to striking looks. Whether it’s a golden bronze, a shimmery bronze or a warming bronze, it’s universal for all eye colors, especially making blue/green eyes pop. A couple of layers of smokey browns with a sweep of bronze gives a glowing, seductive eye, and can be finished off with smudges of dark grey at the creases. bareMinerals have the best selections, including ‘The Top Shelf’ Palette with its rich bronze combined with a champagne sheen, great for lightening the eye. Pair with a deep color palette, such as the Work Weekend Wow Ready Palette, followed by a golden glimmer.

Tint of Tan
Long gone are the days where skin needs to be deep and dark to look attractive. Just a subtle touch of tinted tan is all that’s needed to give your look that sun-kissed glow, which you can glam up with various types of sparkle, glitter and shimmering body creams. Look for a tinted body moisturizer or gradual tanning lotion, particular one that brings out a gleaming glow, such as First Aid’s Slow Glow Moisturizer. Sweep it other your body during the run up to a big evening out. It will look so much more natural than a dramatic dark instant tan.

Icy Metallics
One of the most exciting makeup trends which sits best for party looks is the return of metallic s for eyes, cheeks, and lips—which we know can sound a bit daunting. However, when metallic s are layered up in glimmering icy shades, incorporating jewel-toned hues and shimmery golds and silvers, it can look pretty magical. For eyes, look at using a highlighter which will brighten the brow bone area and corners of the eyes. Frosted pinks are ideal for this, including our favorite Perricone MD No Highlighter Highlighter. Look to use metallic silvers, blues and greys – anything which resembles that ‘icy’ feel.

Lash Out
Flashy lashes are all the rage, however trends have switched slightly when it comes to lashes. The natural, enhanced look is now big news, and over-sized, obviously ‘false’ looking lashes are now on their way out. Work the natural look by trying to find a jet black shade of mascara, packed with plumping properties for the most dramatic finish. Curl lashes first with an eyelash curler for 5 minutes, before loading up the mascara for lots of volume. Voila!

Glossy Eyelids

After years of hearing that glossy eyelids would be the next big makeup trend, shiny, dewy lids have finally been popping up on red carpets. Perfect for the Summer, these wet-look lids are unique, and make a brilliant new addition to the usual evening make-up look. If you want to stick to your lighter eyeshadow colors, then playing around with the glossy lid trend is a great option for that party look. A cheap, quick was is to apply a dabbing of vaseline over lids, and set lightly with a make-up setting spray (don’t forget to close your eyes!). Another way is to utilize lip gloss, or use a wet-look eyeshadow.

Strategic Glitter
Glitter always brings up connotations of over-the-top make-up, but when strategically placed, it can work wonders on a night out. Glitter eyes, glitter lips, glitter brows and even glitter beards (yes – it has happened!) can all add that wow factor to your party face, but just remember to stick to one area! Sometimes, it’s a little sprinkling of glitter across the delloctage which sets off an outfit. Other times, it’s those sparkly eyes that do all the talking. A body oil which gives a subtle sheen and glittering offering is an ideal product to try first if you haven’t found the right way to introduce glitter to your look yet!

Dramatic Cheeks
Blusher can literally transform your face, from brightening up your complexion to shaping and adding color. It’s nice to add a pop of warming blush on your cheeks throughout the day, but for a night out, you can really go to town on this (carefully – remember you want to avoid the harsh clown look!). Pick a subtle shade, such as apricot, rose, or peach, and swirl a large blusher brush into the powder. Smile your widest smile, and circulate onto the apples, numerous times to build up the layers. Omit heavy lips colors if you go for an intense blusher application.


However you decide to spend National Night Out Day, we hope you are now armed with the best evening make-up looks to get busy with!



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