SkinStore Awards: Best Men’s Brand

At SkinStore, we believe that grooming is just as important to men as it is to women. We sell a wide range of the best male grooming products on the market for the men in our life, offering you the utlimate products and advice to pamper your skin, hair, beard and body. This is why we are very excited to bring you our first annual SkinStore awards to celebrate the Best Men’s Brands, as voted for by you. Gone are the days where all grooming products from men have a spicy aroma to them; today science, research and the irresistible scents of fresh mint and aromatic oils dominate this fast growing category.

Lab Series

Throughout their 30-year history, Lab Series has continuously redefined the limits of male grooming; taking things to the next level by truly caring for your skin and leaving it with a subtle, healthy glow. Tailored to the specific needs of men, their cutting-edge products cover all areas of skincare from SPF and anti-aging to combating razor burn and excessively oily skin.

Despite it sounding like a cliché, their bestselling Pro LS All-in-One Face Treatment does just what is says on the ‘bottle’; it treats. Using Lab Series’ unique MPD-8 Complex, this travel size moisturizer helps to hydrate and repair skin whilst diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. The end result is simple- healthy, clean and less shiny skin.

Jack Black

A name which is now synonymous with the man of today, Jack Black has dominated the grooming world since their inception at the start of the millennium. Using only the highest quality ingredients, Jack Black is able take care of every beauty need men might have. Their huge range of skin care, body care, hair care and shaving products mean that we really do not need to look elsewhere.

A tool for a true gent, the brand’s bestselling Beard Oil enhances the appearance and shine of your facial hair whilst keeping the skin below fresh and healthy. Irritation and ingrown hairs are not a worry of a man who uses this product!


Anthony is a true pioneer within the male skin care world as they take an everyday product and give it their own little twist. Being able to prevent razor burn, irritation, excess oil and dull skin, Anthony sure wins the confidence of thousands of males around the globe.

One of our favorite products from Anthony’s range is the Deep Pore Cleansing ClayA face mask containing the trendy clay ingredient, it works to purify and detoxify skin, resulting in fresh looking skin and unclogged pores. It’s so good we even like to use it ourselves!

Art of Shaving

Did you know that a man shaves more than 20,000 times in his lifetime? Because of this, it’s important to choose products which will reduce irritation, prevent razor burn and give you the closest shave possible; and The Art of Shaving can do just that- and more! Taking a classic approach to the literal art of shaving, the brand takes you on a journey through the whole process and ensure shaving seems less of a chore and more of an experience.

The brand’s best-selling collection is their Pre-Shave Oils, especially the Oil in lemon scent! Treat yourself to a shave less ordinary with The Art of Shaving, today.

The Winner Is…

Jack Black

The Runner Up Is…

LAB Series

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