The Solution for Uneven Texture

The Solution for Uneven Texture

The problem

Troubled with rough, sandpaper-like skin? This could be the result of low humidity levels, sun exposure, harsh soaps, acne treatments and other abrasive factors that have degraded the skin’s natural moisture barrier, leading to a bumpy road.

The solution

Use Phytomer’s Resurfacing Peel and the Cellex-C Betaplex Line Smoother to banish the build-up of dead skin cells and other debris. Like a rolling pin, this power couple will retexturize your skin for a velveteen finish.

Phytomer’s Resurfacing Peel combines five types of exfoliants (1 acid + 1 enzymatic + 3 mechanicals) to improve the appearance of all skin types (even sensitive) marked by sun exposure and signs of aging. PHYTOMER Laboratories discovered that Marine AHA, derived from red algae, is incredibly effective in eliminating dead cells on the skin’s surface while respecting the integral structure of the epidermal barrier.

The Cellex-C Betaplex Line Smoother is a crystal clear, oil-free gel containing a powerful combination of alpha hydroxy acids, plus beta hydroxy acid extracted from willow bark in an adjusted pH in a hyaluronic gel formulation to facilitate better absorption in the skin.

It is designed to stimulate the moving of new skin cells to the surface by encouraging dry, lifeless old cells to fall away. This stimulating process will help restore a youthful-looking translucency, smoothness and color to the skin. Together, AHAs and BHAs help to peel off the dead layers of skin.

Regular use will dramatically reduce the visible signs of aging, including rough, opaque skin – encouraging a clearer, more radiant complexion.

Better together

1-2 times a week, apply a dab of Phytomer’s Resurfacing Peel to damp skin, leave on for five minutes and then massage using circular movements for one minute (avoid the massage if you have sensitive skin). Rinse thoroughly and follow through with the Cellex-C Betaplex Line Smoother by applying a few drops to your finger tips and gently smoothing over the face, neck and V of chest, avoiding the eye area.

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