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3LAB was founded in 2003 by the inspiration of Creator and Founder, Erica Chung. It was created not only to treat skin but also perfect it! 3LAB merges beauty with science to bring the latest in skincare innovation.

The 3LAB line is developed with careful precision, providing customers with a streamlined range of products to address the needs of every skin type. 3LAB heavily invests in R&D with its own state-of –the-art R& D and product manufacturing facility. Within the company are over 20 dedicated chemists who discover and utilize the highest-grade botanical ingredients and innovative scientific technology to contest the forces of nature and time. This unique process allows for the availability of the highest percentages of active ingredients in the industry. The result? The most efficacious skincare collection that promises to visibly refresh and renew skin. Just Perfect

Ingredients you can rely on 

Each individual ingredient found in 3LAB skincare has been rigorously tested for efficacy. Taking potent botanicals and advances in biotechnology, this range of advanced provide seriously good skincare solutions. Working in tandem with the body, these proprietary formulations nourish and tighten the skin, visibly repair environmental damage. The result is visibly younger, firmer skin.

Not only does 3LAB use the highest grade ingredients in the best levels of concentration, but the brand’s sophisticated Targeting Device technology ensures all ingredients are delivered as needed where needed. 

Where Beauty meets Science

Born in Korea, a country we all know is light years ahead of its time in terms of skincare, Erica Chung spent several years researching, taking helps from world class chemists and dermatologists, to create 3LAB. Rooted in the integrity of science, this phenomenal skincare line is her legacy. Today Erica, who uses all the products on her own face and epitomizes youthful radiance, has earned the right to coin it the ‘perfect’ anti-aging skincare line.

Keep your skin looking its best with 3LAB’s Super H Serum. This revolutionary face serum utilizes the power of Bio-Engineered Renewal Complex and helps to renew the appearance of a healthy skin. This wrinkle-wrestling cocktail is a favorite among celebrities worldwide.

And we can’t talk about 3LAB without mentioning the brand’s multi-tasking, must-have BB cream. Serving dual purpose as skincare, and a base, the skin-perfecting BB cream blurs imperfections and visible signs of aging, protects skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays and helps you maintain an overall youthful complexion. Choose from light, medium and dark.
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