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Ever since its launch in 2019, Bardot products have perfectly emulated a clean and luxurious aesthetic. Inspired by French beauty legend Brigitte Bardot, the Bardot haircare range is well-known for creating salon-quality vegan hair products designed to cleanse, strengthen, and add texture to hair. Brigitte Bardot is a vegan herself and wanted to attach her name to a luxury brand that focuses on vegan-friendliness by using botanical and natural ingredients.

Initially, the Bardot haircare range was created to celebrate and emancipate Bardot’s distinct hairstyles and personas, but the brand has expanded and now focuses on using gentle, vegan ingredients that help people condition, cleanse, and boost shine while improving their hair health and strength. As a vegan certified haircare line, Bardot products work to deliver effortless volume and style.

The main Bardot haircare range includes their Voluminous Shampoo for adding long-lasting volume to hair; Voluminous Conditioner for moisturizing and renewing lifeless hair; Dry Shampoo for extending the life of any style; Lift and Volume Spray for adding texture and lift to hair, and Dry Texture Spray for adding fullness and texture to hair. If you want effortless Hollywood hairstyles and finesse, shop the Bardot haircare range at SkinStore, the official stockist of Bardot products in the US.