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For over 30 years, Barielle has been trusted by millions of women and men worldwide for its unique and effective approach to treating, protecting and maintaining the hands, feet and nails. Since the very beginning, Barielle has broken new ground. It pioneered the "3-free" formulation philosophy, excluding formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (DBP), potentially harmful and irritating ingredients, in all of its products. Instead, Barielle uses natural ingredients, vitamins, botanical oils and proteins in its entire line.

Our hands, nails, and feet uncomplainingly take a lot of daily abuse, exposed as they are to the full brunt of the elements and constantly employed in one kind of action or another. The Barielle line has been a trusted leader in hand, nail, and foot care for better than three decades, creating nourishing and healing products founded upon natural ingredients and mixed to attend to the special needs and conditions of those extra-vulnerable areas.

The Barielle story begins, of all places, on the racetrack. Howard and EsteLee Price formulated an efficient product for treating the hooves of champion thoroughbreds, and then realized the same foundation boosted the health and quality of human fingernails and toenails. Their "Nail Strengthener Cream" was a pioneering creation that set the high standard Barielle has been living up to ever since.

Whether it's an exfoliating scrub for a heavily callused and chapped foot or a strengthening cream for brittle and peeling nails, the Barielle lineup features products derived from natural sources and free of such aggravating ingredients as formaldehyde and toluene.

These are formulations specially blended to tackle nails, hands, and feet, parts of our bodies that are quick to show signs of daily abuse as well as the trials and tribulations of accumulating years. Aimed at strengthening dermatological structure and healing damage, the Barielle offerings give you the tightly focused power to attend to places standard skincare products simply can't attend to efficiently, and which may well exacerbate their dehydrated and weak condition. With Barielle, you'll soon be showing off hands, feet and nails that both feel and look better than ever before.

Caring for your hands, feet, and nails is a task that should be pleasurable as well as effective. When you incorporate one or more of the available Barielle Products into your daily routine, you receive the benefit of high performing skincare items that are delightful to use. Infused with the finest of natural ingredients, botanical oils, essential vitamins, and proteins, each formula utilizes a special 3-free formulation philosophy in its quest for skin-friendly solutions. Avoiding the harshness and irritating capability of toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate, Barielle Products offer revolutionary formulas that are gentle on the skin.

If you are in need of a high performing solution for any one of a number of skin issues related to the hands, feet, or nails, please browse through the listing of available Barielle Products to discover one that meets your personal skincare needs. Find a new way to protect your hands, nails, and feet.

For more than thirty years, Barielle Products have been protecting and treating the hands, feet, and nails of men and women across the globe with positive results.

A trusted formula once used for thoroughbred horses to condition and strengthen their hooves, Barielle Nail Strengthener Cream has proven that it works. This legendary formula makes your nails stronger and healthier so they can resist splitting, breaking, and peeling. You can apply this product alone or over your nail enamel application.

Are your hands rough or dry? Do they suffer from scaling and discomfort due to chapping? If so, it is time to indulge in a unique formula infused with the natural goodness of Oat Beta Glucan. Barielle Intensive Hand Treatment Cream, designed for all skin types, is a high performing moisturizing treatment specifically intended for use during the calm of the night. This mild formula is non-irritating and greaseless. Plus, it absorbs into your skin quickly. You will receive a single pair of 100 % cotton gloves with your purchase.

The feet often develop hardened or dry areas of skin, When this happens, it is important to use a skincare product designed to eliminate this problem as soon as possible before this problematic condition gets out of control. Designed to soften and soothe your feet back to a silky condition, Barielle Total Foot Care Cream conditions your skin with a super luxurious cream. Since this foot cream does not contain any acids, camphors, or peeling ingredients, it is non-irritating to the skin, including delicate areas. Your feet will be back to looking pretty in no time at all!

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