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Circ-Cell is the new science of skin care. In a beauty culture that promotes over-exfoliation and forced cell turnover, Circ-Cell believes youthful, radiant skin stems from improving skin density - building skin up, not tearing it down. Their cutting-edge, innovative products work in tandem with your skin's innate biology and processes to deliver brilliant, balanced chemistry that makes skin resilient and supple.

Circ-Cell products are free of harmful elements, harsh chemicals, not tested on animals and are environmentally safe.

You've been following the beauty advice to exfoliate your skin, but your complexion isn't improving. Circ-Cell promotes a different approach to skincare, one that complements your skin's natural functions and doesn't leave your skin stripped. The Circ-Cell products were developed by a team of experts on the front lines of skin care. These scientists, researchers, and skincare specialists have created perfectly calibrated formulas that feature potent natural ingredients. Also noteworthy is what Circ-Cell doesn't put in their products. The line is free of artificial preservatives, added fragrances, parabens and propylene glycol. And Circ-Cell products are never tested on animals.

Do you have congested, irritated skin? Most regimens remove the debris from your pores, but at the same time they may sap your skin of its essential sebum and moisture. Circ-Cell has developed one cleanser that is effective at balancing all skin types. Whether you have dry, normal, oily, combination, or sensitive skin, this cleanser can work for you. The revolutionary formula utilizes the combination of meadowfoam seed oil and geothermal clay from the Arctic Circle to clear impurities, without removing the oil that you need to achieve a radiant complexion.

Here are some of the other innovative ingredients you'll find in the Circ-Cell range. Camphor attacks the culprits that lead to blemishes. Canadian willow herb reduces your redness and inflammation. Hyaluronic acid provides deep, nourishing hydration. Zinc oxide protects your skin from harmful UV rays. Wild yam makes lines less visible. And non-GMO soy helps to tone your skin.

Harsh ingredients that deliver quick fixes for some of skin's most common problems are not the long-term solution for healthier skin. While many products rely on cellular turnover to create beautiful skin, Circ-Cell Skincare Products believe this forced skin shedding ages the skin. Instead, this unique line of products gently nurtures each skin cell, ensuring every skin cell is optimally healthy. With this mission in mind, Circ-Cell Skincare Products create long-term healthy, beautiful skin, giving you the younger, more radiant look that you have always wanted.

Circ-Cell Skincare Products rely on natural plant-based and mineral-based ingredients that are free of harmful chemicals, parabens, or fragrances. Designed by founder Melanie Simon, an electrical esthetician, and a talented team of doctors, engineers, and scientists, Circ-Cell Skincare Products deliver proven, long-lasting results. These environmentally safe products can target a number of skin concerns, whether you want to improve your skin's balance, gently but effectively rid your skin of impurities that build up throughout the day, or reduce the look of common signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. Choose Circ-Cell Skincare Products for all of your skin care needs. Armed with these powerful ingredients, you can create a healthy, nourishing, and results-oriented skin care routine.

Restoring your skin's natural balance is the goal of Circ-Cell Skincare Products. This unique, well-researched line of products provides long-term results for some of the skin's most common problems, including fine lines and wrinkles caused by aging. By balancing your skin and improving skin density, you can enjoy healthier, more radiant skin every day.

No matter your skin type, Circ-Cell Skincare Geothermal Clay Cleanser will work for you. This universal cleanser features half oil, half clay, combined with meadowfoam seed oil and geothermal clay from the Arctic Circle. Together, these ingredients form a cleanser that dissolves dirt, oil, impurities, and makeup without stripping your skin of much-needed moisture. Create clean, healthy, and hydrated skin with this proven cleanser. Use it once or twice a day, and enjoy the results.

Balance your skin while moisturizing it with Circ-Cell Skincare Dew pH Perfector. Lactic acid in this formula builds your skin's pH factor, while 10 amino acids work together to hydrate your skin, helping it reach its optimal moisture level. Camphor fights the bio-elements that can lead to breakouts, while witch hazel soothes, contracts, and closes pores. Finally, Canadian willow herb calms your skin and evens it. Together, this unique combination of ingredients gives you balanced, healthy skin every day.

Age can impact your skin's equilibrium. Circ-Cell Skincare Creme ER3 targets this imbalance by restoring and renewing your skin. Dr. Michael Galitzer, a noted expert in bio-identical therapy, developed this treatment, which uses a combination of powerful ingredients to pamper your skin. Wild yam reduces depth of wrinkles, research indicates wrinkle depth was reduced by 29% after 28 days. Non-GMO soy keeps your skin visibly toned, while peptides boost lipid content and encourage youthful skin function.

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